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AIR Modeller

August / September 2012

August / Sept 2012 £6.50 UK $14.95

Zdenek Sebesta’s


POTEZ 63-11

AIR 43 June -July 2012_AFV/26 Jan/Feb 06 13/07/2012 14:46 Page 222


Potez 63-11 Zdenek Sebesta models the French WWII reconnaissance aircraft using the 1:48 Azur kit.


Corsair II TA-7 Francois Regis-Binder builds the Hobby Boss 1:72 kit.


Snowbound Stuka Luc Janssen builds Hasegawa’s 1:32 scale JU87 G-2.


Black Widow Great Wall Hobby’s 1:48 P-61A modelled by Franck Oudin.


F6F-3 Hellcat Maciek Zywczyk builds Hasegawa’s 1:48 F6F-3.


Air Born New releases.


Mediterranean Menace Charles Whall builds the Eduard Bf110E in 1:48 scale.

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POTEZ63 Zdenek:Layout 1 13/07/2012 13:16 Page 1





POTEZ63 Zdenek:Layout 1 13/07/2012 13:16 Page 2


The Azur Company have always specialized primarily in models of French aircraft and have so far released kits of the Potez 63 family of aircraft in both 1/48th and 1/72nd scales.

The surface of the kit has finely engraved recessed panel lines which seem to correspond with available drawings, but given that the plane was of all metal construction, except for the moving control surfaces, I decided to add a number of rivet lines to augment the existing surface detail. For this I used the popular Rossie the Riveter wheel set at a spacing of 0.55 mm

This series of modern twin engined aircraft

and for reference various drawings were

included the Potez 63-11 reconnaissance

used, especially those published in earlier

version and the Potez 630, 631 and 633

issues of the French magazine Replic and

fighter and bomber versions, however the

AIR Magazine along with the pull out plans

variant I have chosen to build here is the

from the latest publication on the Potez 63

Potez 63-11 reconnaissance version which

by Mushroom Models Publications which is

has a massive, extensively glazed nose as

excellent and in my opinion a most

its main identifying feature. The main parts

necessary reference to build a detailed

of the kit are made from relatively soft

model, especially as it contains a plethora

medium grey, plastic, the engines and

of photos which are essential when building

small details are moulded from

a detailed model. Using these I decided to

polyurethane resin and these are

open the left engine and wing flaps but they

supplemented by a small photo-etched

also highlight the fact that most of the other

sheet, including seat belts and small

kit details require amendment or

surface details. Unfortunately, the


instrument panel is not provided on the photoetched sheet.


POTEZ63 Zdenek:Layout 1 13/07/2012 13:16 Page 3

Like most modellers I started construction with the cockpit, including the extensively glazed nose of the aircraft. The clear parts for this nose are provided as separate left and right sections and these were attached to their relevant fuselage halves, resulting in two complete left and right fuselage sections. The nose parts are moulded from clear plastic are a great idea because it is easy to mask appropriate windows to achieve their very clear and simple presentation.

I recommend that the nose glazing is masked at this early stage, not only from the outside but from the inside too in order to protect it while spraying the glazing in the interior colour. Once the nose windows have been fitted to the fuselage some extra detailing was added to the interior using the photos in the Mushroom book as a guide to supplement the original kit parts with extra details made from plastic strip and fuse wire. The plastic instrument panel was replaced using my own etched part which was prepared on my behalf by a professional PE producer using my own design. The defensive machine gun in the rear cockpit position was also given additional detail. Brass tube was used to make the gun 4

barrel and small details were made from thin wires.

POTEZ63 Zdenek:Layout 1 13/07/2012 13:16 Page 4

All of the interior surfaces were painted using a Medium Grey GSI colour whilst the detail parts were picked out in various different colours from the Vallejo paint range. To keep the interior paint off the clear parts, Eduard masks were used and although the basic clear parts, such as the nose of fuselage and the main parts of the canopy were retained, all of the other parts were cut away and rebuilt from clear plastic and metal, including the entrance doors.


POTEZ63 Zdenek:Layout 1 13/07/2012 13:16 Page 5

The wheel bays of this kit are very simplistic and also include the top of the recess for the wheel, which, according to the reference doesn’t match with reality. In fact the top of the wheel bays should simply show the underneath of the metal skinning covering the top surface of the wing. To rectify this problem new wheel bays were made up using the side walls of the original bays as a basis to which were added numerous details. The complex wheel legs in the kit look very good and only require small adjustments, however I recommend 6

that the undercarriage doors are thinned out, which I did from the inside.

POTEZ63 Zdenek:Layout 1 13/07/2012 13:16 Page 6

The wheel bays were painted using the French interior colour Chamois, which corresponds quite accurately in tone to Gunze Mr Colour 318 Radome Tan. The landing gear legs were painted a dark grey colour and the wheel well doors are finished in the lower surface colour - Gris Bleu Clair. One thing worth mentioning at this point is the fact that the tail wheel bay on this kit needs to be opened up as it is incorrectly moulded closed.


POTEZ63 Zdenek:Layout 1 13/07/2012 13:16 Page 7

The opened wing flaps of this aircraft type were painted in the French interior colour Chamois and this certainly provides a colourful addition to the model. In order to detail the flaps, completely new moving parts were constructed from thin plastic material and PE parts which were part of the PE set that I had exclusively ordered to my own design. The inner wing construction was replicated using metal sheet, plastic plates and profiles. To add further interest and detail all of the control surfaces were separated, adjusted and fastened in a deflected position.

The kit engines were replaced using new resin Gnome-Rhone 14 M engines from the Russian company Vector and the quality of these additional parts is extremely high indeed, just requiring some extra wires to achieve perfect results. However the exhaust system had to be made completely from scratch using pewter wires of different diameters which was malleable enough to form into this relatively complex array of piping.


POTEZ63 Zdenek:Layout 1 13/07/2012 13:16 Page 8

I sprayed the whole surface of the model using a base layer of GSI Mr. Surfacer 1000. Gunze does not produce authentic French camouflage colours so it was necessary to mix the individual colours from the available paints according to available documentation – especially from the French magazine Replic.

The lower surfaces were painted in a light gray-blue colour known as `French Gris bleu clair’/ GSI C115+ C308 whilst the upper surface camouflage combined a grey blue colour called `Gris bleu fonce’ - GSI C 307, with `Khaki’ GSI C 54 and a brown called `Terre de sienne’ GSI C 369.

After spraying the colour scheme it was time to add the decals and

I almost forgot to mention that the decal sheet also provides a set

these came from Techmod which produces three decal sheets for

of masks for the glazing and wheels and these were applied prior

this aircraft. Each of these Techmod decal sheets includes 4

to painting the model. To weather the model and highlight the

optional markings and I used Techmod decal sheet No.48087 to

rivets and recessed panel lines a Dark and Neutral Wash from the

decorate my model. The option that I chose from this sheet was an

MiG Production company was utilised and the various scratches

aircraft flown by GR II/14 at the end of 1940 and the Techmod

associated with operational aircraft were applied gently with

decals were of high quality with good colour representation. These

aluminium and grey colours. This particular aircraft, unlike most

adhered perfectly to the surface using GSI Mr.Mark Setter and

other aircraft of this type had an antenna mast mounted above the

Mr.Mark Softer which made them literally `soak’ into the surface,

cockpit with wires leading to the two vertical tail surfaces and

including the small rivets to give a painted on appearance and a

these antennae wires were replicated using thin nylon thread.

coat of clear gloss was used to seal the decals into place.


POTEZ63 Zdenek:Layout 1 13/07/2012 13:16 Page 9


POTEZ63 Zdenek:Layout 1 13/07/2012 13:16 Page 10

French aircraft, thanks to their attractive camouflage colours and impressive markings, are a significant part of any WW2 model collection and the Potez 63.11 should definitely be included amongst them.


TA7 Francois Binder:Layout 1 13/07/2012 1...

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