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Issue 44 cover_Layout 1 13/09/2012 10:32 Page 1




AIR Modeller

October / November 2012

October / Nov 2012 £6.50 UK $14.95



AIR 44 October November 2012_AFV/26 Jan/Feb 06 13/09/2012 18:22 Page 1


A-10A Jerome Lorusso builds Trumpeter’s large scale Thunderbolt


Albatros Marc Guerrero describes his build of the Wingnut Wings 1:32 scale kit of the iconic WW1 German fighter


F7F Tigercat Francisco Soldan describes his build of heavily weathered F7F.


Mirage Megas Tsonos returns to tackle a 1:48 Greek Mirage


Royal New Zealand Airforce P-40E Jamie Haggo builds the 1:32 Hasegawa kit


Air Born New releases.


F-14B Tomcat Building the 1:72 scale Hasegawa Tomcat described by Luis Mira GomezCalcerrada.

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The Trumpeter has undertaken for a number of years now, a new


journey into the world of larger scale aircraft kits in 1:32 and 1:24.

The aftermarket manufacturers offer many additional detail sets

It is fair to say that most of these models are great, but there are

so that we are spoiled for choice! Cutting Edge, Black Box,

greater difficulties associated with their construction and their

Legends Production, CAM miniatures, and Eduard, help us, to sort

storage! I wanted to accept this challenge and to see if once the

out Trumpeter’s cockpit. I chose the Cutting Edge resin cockpit,

modelling work was completed, if it was possible to get close to a

which fits the model with no problems, adding some details with

convincing level of realism in 1:32 scale. To do so I built the A-10

the photoetched sets from Eduard. I simply followed the

Warthog A, one of the earlier releases in the Trumpeter 1:32 range.

installation instructions, and this detail set is really useful as well

The model is enormous, but it has many flaws, reminding me in

as being very simple to fit. The only drawback is the ejection seat

some ways the old Tamiya kit in 1:48. As I said, the larger scale

rails, moulded integrally with the cockpit tub as they are very easy

places greater demands on the modeller with details that may not

to break. Particular attention should be plaid in the last phase,

be obvious in 1:72 being very obvious in 1:32. The biggest problem

when it comes time to fit the instrument panel and I had to do

areas of the kit are the cockpit, and the canopy.

several test fittings. To paint the cockpit I used every detail from

The rest of the model can be considered reasonably accurate.

my various references, and the video game "lock-on", which has a

Before I started building the model, I spent time in various internet

very realistic rendition of the cockpit! The overall colour is dark gull

searches, gaining wide variety of pictures, for the subject in question.

grey FS36231 with semi-gloss black panels for the various

instruments. The main instrument

mm. For the various cables and

panel is supplied with flight

wires, various copper wires and

instruments in relief, but I preferred

solder ranging between 0.5 mm

to remove these and to open up

and 0.08 mm thickness were used.

the holes for the dials. Printed

All the avionics boxes were built

acetate film with the dials was then

with using scrap resin and assorted

placed behind the panel for the

plastic. All the fixing holes in the

most realistic finish. The beautiful

frames were reproduced with a 0.3

Cutting Edge ejectior seat does not

mm drill.

provide any belts so I added those

Similarly, I reproduced the individual

provided by Eduard.

doors for the various bays. Each of them has a base sheet of 0.25 mm,

Avionics Bays

which has been shaped to follow

The idea of seeing such a big

the fuselage contours. Each of the

model with the avionics bays

doors, had all the screw fixings

opened up had already been my

added and 2 mm long and 0.3 mm

plan. With the reference book by

in diameter copper wire was used

Verlinden, plus all the various

to make the screws. The overall

photos I collected on the A-10, I

colour of all the bays are FS 16473,

sketched out some designs on

deviating from the standard,

paper as a guide to construction,

Insignia white FS 17875.

and then I transferred all the accumulated data to plasticard.


Each individual compartment is in

The kit provides two resin copies of

proportion to the real ones, for the

what should be the engines, the

compartment walls I used 1mm

General Electric TF-34 Turbo Fans,

plasticard and for the shelves 0.5

but are far from realistic. In 3

addition, the external parts are supplied in

for colouring, I worked from the reference

with copper pipe sections 1.5 and 2.0 mm

clear plastic making them look like a toy.


diameter, and the muzzle of the gun is supplied by Cutting Edge. The engine of

I decided model one engine closed and


another opened up. In dedicated exterior


the cannon is a piece made on a lathe by

set for the kit, Cutting Edge provide a pair

You cannot talk about the A-10 without

a friend (thanks Maurice), while the rest is

of corrected exhaust pipes. I cut the piece

mentioning its main weapon. The design of

scratchbuilt from plasticard, and copper

of Trumpeter resin engine and I

this aircraft is based around the gun that

wire. The feed chutes were made of

reconstructed with plastic discs the

extends for about 7 meters inside the

0.5mm steel rod for greater rigidity, while

missing parts because the kit ones were

fuselage! I planned on showing this detail

the flexible parts of the chutes were made

not accurate. I also reproduced the second

revealing part of it and the ammunition

with 0.6mm copper wire, softened by

set of fans blades, copying from those of

drum. It took me a bit of time and a lot of

heating in a flame, and then wrapped

the kit.

photographic research to determine these

around a former of the correct dimension.

Working from my photographic references

details. Again for this, I made drawings to

For the ammunition drum, I detailed the

I started to add all the missing detail like all

help me to better understand the

front and rear, where you can see a ring of

complex plumbing and electrical boxes, a

geometry of the pieces. I rejected nearly all

bullets, which were made from 0.9 mm

time-consuming process! Naturally the

the gun parts of the model, keeping only a

plastic rod and 9 mm long, the scale size

internal doors were duly detailed too and

few. The seven barrels have been rebuilt

of the 30mm shells.

Within the drum I added about 90 grams,

From these I had to remove some detail,

Tail compartment & A.P.U.

of balast to balance the nose of the model.

using grinding wheels and to drill some

Although I had already done substantial

The compartment for the drum has been

holes, to replicate the real ones.

work in improving the model I wanted to

scratchbuilt, making sure that it would fit

Photoetch, copper wire and solder were

add something of my own. After drawing

alongside all the avionics bays.

used to add the fine detail. To simulate the

what I wanted, I removed both the tail

clamps around the struts I used Tamiya

Undercarriage & wheel bays

cone of the fuselage, and the APU

masking tape cut to size. For these areas

compartment door. Fortunately the plastic

Detail is sadly lacking in these areas of the

the dominant colour is grey FS 16473,

is really soft and can be cut without any

kit. Armed with essential patience and my

which once dried, was weathered using oil

problems. I found several pictures on the

trusty pencil, I made my own details for the

paints. I replaced the rubber wheels of the

internet of some A-10s damaged during

wheel bays. The front compartment is

kit with those from Cutting Edge, which are

the conflicts in the Gulf, with damage in

more complex than the wings, because of

very nice and with a weighted effect.

these areas, showing fully the mechanism

the particular stepped structure of the

and the ribs inside the fuselage. Using the

fuselage. I deleted the internal detail of the

The assembly of the wheel nacelles on the

usual materials I rebuilt all of these parts,

kit, to make my own detail along with

wings was somewhat complicated

although once the work is finished, you will

some Eduard photoetched parts. Once I

because after the required improvements,

see little because it is a hidden area. To

had finished the work on the bays I turned

their position was changed, creating gaps

obtain the internal shapes of the fuselage, I

my attention to the undercarriage legs

which were filled with Milliput and sanded

used a profilometer.

which are supplied as diecast metal, so

smooth with the panel detail re-engraved.

they can support the weight of the model.


The APU compartment appears in the Verlinden Lock On book, but I could not find other photos that showed greater detail, without pushing me into extreme detail. The decision to build this was the result...

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