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AIR Modeller Issue 45 (2012 12 2013 01)
Issue 45 cover:Issue 3 cover.eps 15/11/2012 12:46 Page 1 SHOWCASING THE VERY BEST IN SCALE AIRCRAFT - pdf za darmo

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Issue 45 cover:Issue 3 cover.eps 15/11/2012 12:46 Page 1




AIR Modeller

December / Jan 2012

December / Jan 2012 £6.50 UK $14.95


A I TO R A Z K U E G R AC I A ’S D R A M AT I C 1 : 3 2 H E I N K E L H E .1 1 1 D I O R A M A

AIR45 Ads:Layout 1 14/11/2012 13:39 Page 2

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HSG07317 1/48 Junkers Ju87B-2 Stuka with Skids by Hasegawa hlj lj.c com/kit Hobb HobbyLink yLink Japan

@hobb @hobbylink ylink hobb


Ditched Aitor Azkue Gracia describes his stunning 1:32 Heinkel He111 diorama in the first of a two part feature.


HAF T-37C A Greek Airforce Trainer modelled in 1:48 by Periklis Salessiotis.


Prowler Welter Florent describes his build of the 1:48 scale Kinetic kit.


Tupolev SB-2 Daniel Zamarbide Suárez builds the 1:72 ICM kit as a Spanish Civil War aircraft.


Fokker E.II The Editor builds the new Wingnut Wings 1:32 scale kit.


Yak 1B The Montex 1:32 scale resin kit modelled by Jean-Paul Poisseroux.


Air Born New releases.


Royal Norwegian Air Force F-16 AM MLU M4 Ole Kjensmo converts and upgrades the 1:48 Hasegawa F-16 to a Norwegian spec aircraft.

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Norway 1943 'Crash Landed':Layout 1 14/11/2012 15:57 Page 1


A I TO R A Z K U E G R AC I A ’S DR A M ATI C 1 : 3 2 H EI NK EL H E.111 D I O RAM A


Norway 1943 'Crash Landed':Layout 1 14/11/2012 15:57 Page 2

FOR ME, DIORAMAS OF AIRCRAFT FOLLOW A SIMILAR THEME, I'M ALWAYS LOOKING FOR IDEAS AND NEW SCENARIOS, SO I ASKED A FRIEND FOR SOME HELP. HE WAS DETERMINED TO FEATURE A HEINKEL HE 111. A composition based in a forrest or in a hangar had been done, I wanted something different but had to take into account the huge size of the aircraft at this scale. The inspriration came when I was shown one of these aircraft having crash-landed in a river in Norway ... and what caught my attention was the shallow depth of the river, the glass was not broken in the nose of the aircraft and only minimal damage was done to the wings. I did some research and found that a considerable number of these aircraft had to make forced landings in this country, some with relatively little damage, I didn’t hesitate to get down to work. The diorama was to represent an aircraft operating in this area which has had a failure of its left engine and had to make a forced landing. The crew members have been able to evacuate the aircraft (one has succumbed) and they’ve managed to alert an Army car that was in the area with the use of distress flares. The wooden boat in the corner and the car are included for their interest and enrich the composition.


Norway 1943 'Crash Landed':Layout 1 14/11/2012 15:57 Page 3

BUILDING THE HEINKEL The Heinkel is from Revell and required a number of improvements, although in general the dimensions are correct but I felt the kit lacks detail in places. For starters, I had to work on the cockpit adding different elements constructed in evergreen, such as the pilot's seat, side bulkheads with wiring etc. An important detail was that I had to cut the glass side door which was moulded as one piece along with surrounding glass. A closed door did not fit the scene I wanted to represent with the escaping crew. The Eduard photoetch is especially important for this part of the cockpit, and essential to the extra detailed end result.


Norway 1943 'Crash Landed':Layout 1 14/11/2012 15:57 Page 4

The bomb compartment was made using photoetch from Eduard, which looks great and is of high quality but honestly ... not really worth it because once finished you can barely see the fruits of your labour. The most laborious part of the build was the rear radio compartment where I had to rebuild all the ribbing, radios, cabinets, etc. This wasn’t done too complicated or over-the-top because once again, the detail will be hidden once the fuselage is closed.

On the outside I added Evergreen for little engine cowling details as well as a new exhaust, adapted for this version of the aircraft. The engine has different wiring added from Plus Model. More Eduard photoetch was added to detail the exterior and open canopy door. This aircraft had metal prop blades, to give the effect of impact with the water they were heated and bent.


Norway 1943 'Crash Landed':Layout 1 14/11/2012 15:58 Page 5

THE HEINKEL PAINTING & WEATHERING I used Vallejo "Model Air" acrylics to paint the classic tones of RLM70 and RLM71 on the upper side of the aircraft and RLM76 on the underside. Most important is the masking of the camouflage and the contrast between the green tones.


Norway 1943 'Crash Landed':Layout 1 14/11/2012 15:58 Page 6

Once dry, the model is varnished in gloss enamel varnish to create a protective layer between colours and again left to dry. Next, I airbrushed 2 - 3 generous coats of hairspray and quickly position my camouflage masks and proceed to airbrush a layer with white "Model Air".


Norway 1943 'Crash Landed':Layout 1 14/11/2012 15:58 Page 7

Next I used some warm water and wetted down areas I wanted to distress the winter camouflage. Using a stiff bristle brush to rub the surface will lift the white paint and create natural looking chipping effects. Gloss varnish was applied over all surfaces then decals were applied followed by a matt varnish after the decals were complete. The next step is to perform the technique of "mapping" used by armoured vehicle modellers, consisting of successive layers of very dilute colour. It will succeed in creating "layers" of paint which give depth and volume to the surface. Another product I've used is ‘Winter camouflage wash’ from MIG productions. I progressively added controlled diluted washes following the airflow direction. Being white and diluted I manage to create an effect of fading paint running along the entire wing surfaces.


Norway 1943 'Crash Landed':Layout 1 14/11/2012 15:58 Page 8



1 The pigments to add "dust" were also applied to highlight subtly different panels and rivets details. 2 Similar areas were also detailed one by one with a fine brush working my way around the fuselage.

3 3 Finally different products from AK Interactive used to create grease, fuel, etc. on the wings. "Rain marks" of MIG Production were used along with "Water effects" from Vallejo on a stiff brush, flick with a finger to create splashing. When done from the correct angle realistic patterns of splashing of the water onto the aircraft are achieved.

T H I S P RO J E C T CO N C L U D E S I N T H E N E X T I SS U E . . .






HAF T-37C On October 7, 2002, 361 Air Training Squadron at Kalamata Air

Encore’s recent re-packaging of the original Monogram A-37

Base performed the retirement ceremony of the T-37 Tweet

Dragonfly does provide various build options if one is prepared

after 39 years service with the Hellenic Air Force. The squadron

to explore conversion and after-market material. Previously

was formed in September 1963 within 112 Combat Wing, with

though, these basic sprues were released by Revell, without

T-37B/Cs as the 360th Jet Training Squadron. In 1971 it was

resin and metal parts, and it was this boxing used for the

relocated to Kalamata Airport and three years later was

project (it is out of production, but can still be found at certain

renamed 361 Basic Training Squadron. The Hellenic Air Force

retailers or second-hand). The kit is a typical Monogram

received its first 25 T-37Cs in the 1960s, and these aircraft

product with all the expected good and bad points for kits of

joined the then 361 Basic Training Squadron based at

that age. It comes with a respectable cockpit (although not

Kalamata AB (120 Air Training Wing). In the 1970s and 1980s,

correct for a T-37) and landing gear, but the raised detail and

15 more aircraft were bought from the Jordanian Air Force and

oversized rivets may irk more inexperienced modellers, or

added to the fleet.

those who swear by engraved detail. It was decided to remove all raised lines and re-scribe the whole kit, as the extent of the



changes required for conversion to T-37 standard would have erased them anyway. The first job was to re-scribe and rivet the whole model. As a guide, the already raised panel lines were used after they were slightly sanded. Due to the fact that not all existing lines were correct (and some were missing completely), reference photos were consulted to make re-scribing as accurate as possible. Straight panel lines were scribed with the use of a Trumpeter scribing tool and Verlinden flexible rulers. For tighter areas, circles and oval panels guided a needle in a pin vice, and for rivets a Radub Riveter-R tool came to the rescue. After all panel lines were scri...

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