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Issue 49 cover_Layout 1 11/07/2013 10:08 Page 1




AIR Modeller

August / September 2013

August / Sept 2013 £6.50 UK $14.95




RAF Westland Wessex HU-5 Albert Tureczek builds Italeri’s new 1:48 chopper.


‘Super Hornet’ VFA-102 Diamondbacks F/A-18F Florent Welter builds Hasegawa’s 1:48 US Navy Super Hornet.


Messerschmitt ME410 Meng Model’s first 1:48 scale aircraft kit modelled by Paulo Portuesi


Condor FW-200 C-4 ‘Scourge of the Atlantic’ Tomas de la Fuente gets to grip with the 1:48 Trumpeter kit.


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Westland Wessex:Layout 1 05/07/2013 13:23 Page 1



WESSEX The Westland Wessex is a British turbine powered version of the American Sikorsky S-58. In 1956 Westland Helicopters received a HSS-1 as a pattern for license manufacturing the helicopter for the Royal Navy as a submarine hunter. The helicopters entered service in 1958 and were designated HAS 1 and HAS 3. The Royal Air Force showed interest as well and took delivery of their version, the HC-2 in early 1962. Later followed the versions HCC 4 and HU Mk 5. The British helicopters were powered by a Rolls Royce Gnome turbine and had a long and distinguished service career. They even saw combat action in the South Atlantic. In all 378 aircraft were built. Australia was the sole export customer to the type. The last one was retired in 2003. Italeri released the kit late in 2012. There are not an awful lot of models around from this remarkable helicopter and the news of a quaterscale release of this kit even added to the excitement. It quickly became the talk of the ‘town’ We decided to take a closer look! You get a box filled with light grey plastic. Even though the model has relatively large proportions, there is not a frightening amount of sprues to meet the eye on opening the box. Surface detail is good, the fit we will have to talk about. There is a large, colourful, well-printed and comprehensive decal sheet, a little etched fret and some netting. It is only possible to build one version in one configuration. Markings are provided for three Royal Navy helos and for one Royal Air Force machine.


Westland Wessex:Layout 1 05/07/2013 13:23 Page 2

A L B E R T T U R E C Z E K M O D E L S I TA L E R I ’ S 1 : 4 8 T H W E S S E X .


Westland Wessex:Layout 1 05/07/2013 13:24 Page 3

CONSTRUCTION Building sequence starts with the cabin, which is combined with the upstairs flight deck and the main rotor gearbox. The flight deck on the Wessex is situated high and accessible either through the cabin roof or from the outside via steps in the airframe The whole section builds into a nice box, which can be built right into the two fuselage halves upon completion, without fitting problems. The pilot seats are fitted with belts from the etched fret, but there are no belts for the nicely moulded benches in the cabin. The cabin inside is very visible through the large side door. Therefore I decided to add seat belts and a cargo net there. You have a choice between a decal for the instrument panel and a special decal, depicting only the instrument roundels to go with a photo etch frame on top of it. That’s the option I chose. Even though the black and white instrument dials are printed a little off centre it works great with the photo etch part, which adds a nice depth into this important feature.

The bulged side windows present a problem if you want to display them closed as they do not fit the frame and will have to be reshaped to fit from round to square There is quite some details on the inside of the gearbox, but once the hull is closed and the photo etched grill is in place, very little of it will be revealed to the eye. After closing the two fuselage halves the nose will have to be assembled.

The nose part is made up of two assemblies combined with the characteristic droopy Wessex nose and the large exhausts of the Rolls Royce Gnome engine on both sides. The fit of this entire sub-assembly is not breathtaking and you will face a lot of gaps and unaligned surfaces and edges. Quite a bit of filler and some extensive sanding will have to be put on the working schedule here. Not exactly the thing you would expect from a modern, brand new kit. The bit of mesh provided with the kit 4

goes here as a filter for the air intakes of the Turbines.

Westland Wessex:Layout 1 05/07/2013 13:24 Page 4

For the installation of the nose and especially for the installation of the Window parts I used my Touch-n-flow liquid glue set. It comes from Flex-I-file and is distributed from Albion Alloys. I owe one since my last visit to Telford and it comes in very handy if you have to restrain the application of glue to a minimum area to avoid damage to crispy surface details, but still need a firm and stable connection.

The exhausts are made up from two halves, which have to be glued together and that spells trouble. The fit is not good and the three raised lines on the outside of the exhausts will almost certainly be damaged when you have to sand them to shape. This is such an important feature on the helicopter and will present a focal point on the model. I decided for a different approach all together. The parts are too bulgy, too thick and the fit is poor. I glued them solidly together and sanded them down. This resulted in a total loss of the raised lines, which I recreated with thin stretched sprue. Thereafter I added two different shades of bare metal foil to the outside and thinned the inside ultra thin towards the edges. After that they were ready to be installed with a little piece of tissue glued to the base of the exhausts and painted black. If you do not carry out this operation you just might see through the inside of the exhausts and all the way through to the other side, not what you want!


Westland Wessex:Layout 1 05/07/2013 13:24 Page 5

The landing gear, or the legs are a

That is not really that bad as the legs can

prominent feature to the Wessex as well.

do with a bit of extra detailing anyway.

They make the machine appear like a giant insect. The kit part fit extremely well into

I added pressure lines and cables here for

the fuselage holes, which makes dry fit and

the flotation devices and oxygen bottles,

handling through the painting session a

which I chose for my version. The Fuel

whole lot easier. The problem with the parts

dump pipes are situated on the belly and I

is that they are too fragile. That in

used Albion’s Slide to fit tubing here. 1mm

combination with the use of a soft plastic,

aluminium tubing could be cut to the right

typical for Italeri, makes them very

length and shape and is a real

vulnerable. Mine broke several times and

improvement on the kit part.

they had to be re-enforced.


Painting was straightforward and I used Testors middle blue and 117 US Light green from Humbrol for my camo pattern with a black bottom. Weathering commenced in a traditional way with oils and pastels.


Westland Wessex:Layout 1 05/07/2013 13:24 Page 6

Decaling was without challenges except if you choose the version I did you will have to seriously resize the light blue tail band, typical for the Cyprus based machines, as it does not fit the fuselage at all. The main rotor blades come with sag, which works well and adds to the overall nice appearance of the model.

For the correct stencilling you will have to check references as I noted several divergences between my references and the suggested options by Italeri.


Westland Wessex:Layout 1 05/07/2013 13:24 Page 7

CONCLUSION The Wessex HU 5 from Italeri is a good kit and will be welcomed by many. It does however not come without its troubles, the soft plastic and the poor fit for a modern kit, especially around the nose, are the main pitfalls. There are many exciting and colourful paint schemes for this odd looking machine, and by now the aftermarket will presumably be buzzing with additions and alternatives for the suggested version from Italeri.


Westland Wessex:Layout 1 05/07/2013 13:24 Page 8

I have always been fascinated by the Westland Wessex’s very special appearance and I always wanted one. This was made possible through the new Italeri kit, which deserves commendation even though they got the name on the box wrong. It is not a UH- 5 but a HU-5.


HORNET:Layout 1 05/07/2013 15:52 Page 1

The Kit The 2005 Hasegawa kit is unquestionably the best on the market at present in this scale, the moulding is very fine with clean engraving over the light grey plastic. Hasegawa released another version of the plane, the "E", the single-seater which is also magnificent and also the Growler. It is a model which can very easily be built ‘out of the box’ if you choose...

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