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AIR 59 cover_Layout 1 10/03/2015 15:18 Page 1

59 APRIL/MAY 2015 • £6.50 UK $15.99


APRIL / MAY 2015


Kevin Futter builds the new HK Models 1:32 Dornier Do 335 B-2

AIR 59 April-May 2015_AFV/26 Jan/Feb 06 11/03/2015 09:50 Page 222

AIR 59 April-May 2015_AFV/26 Jan/Feb 06 11/03/2015 14:10 Page 1


Coming or Going? Kevin Futter gets to grips with a test shot of the new 1:32 Dornier Do 335 B-2 from HK Models.


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Finnish MiG-21 BIS Armour modeller Jari Hemila trys his hand at something with wings.


Big Bird B-17, Part 10 The Editor continues his build of HK Models spectacular 1:32 Flying Fortress.


Air Born New releases.


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AIR 59 April-May 2015_AFV/26 Jan/Feb 06 10/03/2015 14:58 Page 2

Coming or going ? Kevin Futter builds a test shot of the new HK Models monster Dornier

Do 335B-2


The Dornier Do 335 was unique in the annals of military aviation, being a twin-

The HK Models kit represents the heavilyarmed Do 335B-2 “Zerstörer” version of

as the roof of the nose wheel bay, feature an amazing level of moulded-in detail, and

engine aircraft of unusual push/pull configuration. Featuring an elongated fuselage with an engine at each end, it was also one of the fastest piston-engine

the aircraft, which featured a 30mm MK103 cannon in each wing, housed in large, protruding fairings that were characteristic of this variant. A third MK103

require careful painting to do them justice. The kit is also designed in a modular fashion to accommodate other versions. For example, the fuselage spine is a single,

fighters of WW2. It was conceived and designed to fulfil a number of roles, including fighter, fighter-bomber, heavy

was mounted within the forward engine block, firing through the spinner. When combined with the two MG 151/20 20mm

separate piece, which can be swapped out for the two-seat spine. Similarly, the large cannon fairings for the wings are supplied

fighter (Zerstörer), and extending to twoseat night fighter and trainer roles. Only 70 examples of all types were completed by war’s end, with none entering squadron service.

cannon mounted atop the forward fuselage, the resulting firepower truly earned the description “heavily armed”! The kit itself is something of a beast, being large and highly detailed. Some parts, such

as complete, single-piece inserts for the wing leading edges. As we will see, this approach caused me a few fit issues during the build, though some of these issues were definitely self-inflicted!

AIR 59 April-May 2015_AFV/26 Jan/Feb 06 10/03/2015 14:58 Page 3

This kit was an early test shot from HK Models, and arrived without instructions, decals, photoetched parts and nose weights. It was also pulled from moulds that were not 100% complete or finalised, so I had a few challenges at the outset. During the early phases of the build, I was able to obtain some of the missing elements, and later still, an example of the production kit, from which I borrowed a few parts.


AIR 59 April-May 2015_AFV/26 Jan/Feb 06 10/03/2015 14:58 Page 4

On with the build My twin goals for this build were to stick as close to out-of-box as practical, and to showcase as much of that lovely internal detail as possible. Working from an early

It’s fine enough to do the job, but no so sharp that you risk digging it to the base paint layer. As an aside, I also use this tool for placing CA glue.

Luftwaffe belts. This turned out to be fortuitous, as they are vastly superior to the kit offerings, and are a real focal point in the cockpit.

draft of the instructions, I started by building up and painting the internal structure for the fuselage. I mainly used Mr. Metal Color for the wiring and plumbing, as it brush-paints

The next phase involved the cockpit, which by Luftwaffe standards was relatively spacious and highly visible, so I was keen bring out its best. I started with the seat,

I took a relatively austere approach with the main cockpit tub, beginning with a base coat of Mr. Paint RLM 66. This turned out to be too dark, and lacks the characteristic

very nicely, and can be polished with a cotton bud for a more metallic effect. Better still, stray brush strokes can be cleaned up

which itself is made up of several components, and it was here that I had my first deviation from a strict out-of-box

blue tint of the real paint. To compensate, I gave it an unusually heavy dry-brush with Vallejo’s Model Color White. I would

with a pointed implement. In my case, I use the eye-end of a sewing needle, where the end of the eye has been cut down to form a lopsided ‘U’ shape.

approach. The production kit comes with some photo-etched harnesses, but I had yet to receive them at this stage of the build, so I elected for a set of HGW generic

normally dry-brush a dark base colour with RLM 75, which produces some nicely subtle highlighting, and is quite difficult to overdo. The extra contrast afforded by the white worked very well in this instance though, and really helped lift an otherwise drab cockpit tub. Details were picked out with various shades of Vallejo acrylics. The final touches were a couple of cockpit placards from airscale’s AS32 SCH set. The next task was to tackle the rear engine, as it needs to be installed prior to the fuselage spine being fitted. The two engines are largely identical, and can actually be assembled and painted at the same time. The engines are highly detailed, and I elected not to add anything to them, other than some airscale placards on the coolant tanks. With the engine completed, I was able to combine all the sub-assemblies that comprise the main internal structure, and then begin working on the remaining fuselage internals. This consisted mainly of the rear ducting, rear bulkheads, and the rear propeller drive shaft.

The level of moulded-on detail is amazing! The internal structure and details for the fuselage coming together. Mr. Paint’s RLM 02 has been used throughout. The completed cockpit tub, mounted atop the nose wheel bay.

The assembled rear engine. Each engine is made up of around 20 or so parts.

The main internal structure completed, and test-fitted into the port fuselage half. The JH Models jig is very handy for these situations!

The red bands on the blue cylinders are from some spare red decals.


AIR 59 April-May 2015_AFV/26 Jan/Feb 06 10/03/2015 14:59 Page 5

More fantastic moulded-on detail, this time on the rear engine firewall.

The internal nose weight fitted into one half of the forward engine.

Painting the engine block started with a primer coat of Mr. Surfacer 1200, followed by a base coat of Mr. Paint Base Black. This was highlighted with Mr. Paint RLM 66, then a wash with Paynes Grey oil paint, and finally a very light dry-brushing with Mr. Metal Color Aluminium (aluminium). Details and moulded-on pipework were picked out using Mr. Metal Color Aluminium, with the coolant tanks and additional piping airbrushed with Tamiya AS-12. Straps and fasteners were painted with Mr. Metal Color Dark Iron.

The backing part for the instrument panel was missing from my test shot, so I cut the supplied decal into three parts, ready to be inserted into the rear of the panel. This is what it looks like from the rear. Note that the decals remain on their backing sheet! I fabricated a rough backing sheet for the panel, and added instrument bodies from styrene rod and tube.

Aside from the seat harnesses, the only other part on the photo-etch fret is a small grill for the rear ducting, and it was at this point that I decided to put the build aside and wait for this part. I believe that this was ultimately a mistake, as I suspect this grill in part caused my subsequent fit issues, being around 1mm too tall. I eventually dealt with this by removing as much material as I could from the internal bulkheads, so that I could push the fuselage spine more-or-less

be too heavy for the tiny mounting lugs to keep it attached to the firewall, but testfitting proved my fears to be unfounded. My test shot was missing the backing piece for the instrument panel, to which is applied the instrument decal, so I had to improvise. Rather than fabricate a replacement backing piece and risk getting the decal out of alignment, I decided to cut the decal up into its constituent panels, and fix them directly into the rear of the instrument panel.

due to the preliminary nature of my kit was the rear propeller spinner. It was malformed at the tip in my test shot, and needed some remedial work. I used the part from the production kit as an exemplar to work from. The annular radiator face in the forward engine cowl is devoid of any detail, so I decided to stray yet further from the out-ofbox path and spice it up. I cu...

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