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MENGAIRMODELLEROCTOBER/NOVEMBER2017 74OCTOBER/NOV 2017 • £6.50 UK $15.99 Kent Ka - pdf za darmo

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74 OCTOBER/NOV 2017 • £6.50 UK $15.99



Kent Karlsen’s Dispersal Diorama


Hs-123 Was the new Gaspatch 1:48 kit worth the wait? Paolo Portuesi thinks so.


Left for Dead Renzo Bortolotto’s grounded MiG 23M.


Tamiya’s 1:32 CORsair Zdenek Sebesta works his magic with the F4U-A mega-kit.


74 Squadron Kent Karlsen’s ambitious modelling dream is fulfilled in time for issue 74!


Air Borne New releases.


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The Henschel Hs 123 was a single-seat bi-plane dive bomber and close-support attack aircraft flown by the German Luftwaffe during the Spanish Civil War and the early to midpoint of World War II. It continued to see front-line service until as late as 1944. Used also by Spain and China it was the first combat aircraft flown by the famous ace Adolph Galland. The Hs 123 was intended to replace the Heinkel He 50 biplane as a reconnaissance aircraft and dive bomber as well as acting as a "stop-gap" measure until the Junkers Ju 87 became available. As such, production was limited and no upgrades were considered, although an improved version, the Hs 123B was developed by Henschel in 1938. The aircraft entered service with StG 162 in autumn 1936. Its career as a dive bomber was cut short when the unit received its first Ju 87A the next year. By 1939, despite its success in Spain, the Luftwaffe considered the Hs 123 obsolete, but in 1944 was near to restarting production.


I have always been fascinated by the Hs 123, a kind of heavyweight bi-plane that was already looking dated in the early stages of World War II. Until now building a 1:48 model of this aircraft was possible, but not an easy task. In a striking contrast with almost every other Luftwaffe aircraft, there has been poor coverage of the Hs 123 in any scale. The vintage ESCI kit was the only one really available in 1:48 and to build an acceptable replica by today’s standards, it needs a lot of expertise and aftermarket corrections to produce a detailed replica as I did myself some years ago. I was never entirely happy with the look of my reworked 1:48 Hs 123 so when I heard that GasPatch Models, planned to release two new state of the art kits in 1:48 I was very excited!


Simply holding the box you gives you the

less experienced modeller here. All the

In another very commendable feature of

impression immediately that this could be

packaging is very well presented. The

the detailed cockpit, the dials on the

a serious kit. GasPatch Models has packed

instruction booklet is printed in full colour

instrument panel are offered as individual

over two hundred plastic and etched parts

with an accurate painting and marking


inside. Every sprue is individually bagged.

guide. Every assembly stage is very well

Overall, this new kit confirms a trend of an

In addition, we have something unusual: a

explained. To facilitate the painting of such

increasing number of recent 1:48 releases,

cardboard jig to perfectly align the landing

a complex airframe as this, the building

where they are reaching, and in some

gear, some canopy masks, and markings

process is divided in sub assemblies. As

cases exceeding, the level of detail typical

for five very interesting aircraft. All the

usual with most kits the instructions start

of 1:32 kits. As a consequence, the cockpit

plastic parts are very finely moulded and

with the building of the cockpit.

interior builds out of the box into an astonishing representation of the real thing.

detailed. There is no flash or extractor marks worth a mention. Both metal and

Looking at the instructions, I was quite

My only ammendment was to

fabric surfaces are faithful reproduced and

amused by the apparent complexity of the

replace the photoetched seatbelts

the surface detail matches any other

cockpit as biplanes are usually far less

provided by GasPatch with some Eduard

manufacturer for finesse. In brief, this kit

complex than later aircraft. But this is due

pre-painted ones. I painted the cockpit in

ranks amongst the best 1:48 kits I have

to all the exceptional detail packed in. The

Gunze RLM O2 (H-70). Unsurprisingly, the

ever seen. In my opinion, capturing in scale

seat is a good example of the level of

assembly of the fuselage halves was

the lines of a biplane is always difficult. It is

finesse from GasPatch. In this scale, the

trouble free. Usually I don’t spray a primer

even more difficult is to engineer the kit in

Pilot’s seat is often presented as a couple

on my models, but here I felt it a

a way that the fit is easy and ultimately

of parts. Here not only it is nicely shaped,

worthwhile process as I was desperate to


requiring no thinning, but it is detailed by

see the detail under a coat of paint.

about seven additional plastic parts, not to

The result was outstanding, no filling was

mention the photoetched ones.

required and the surface detail looked

My first test was to dry fit the main


airframe parts, checking one against the other. I found that they fit together with great precision. GasPatch appear to have a kit suitable for experienced and also the

With only one full kit (Salmson) in their catalogue, GasPatch have made an outstanding job of the Hs 123 kit, I for one can’t wait to see


what they have planned next! Check out their range of superb, highly detailed accessories at

Three choices of undercarriage legs are provided in the kit.

The wing struts have very firm location points and excellent fit allowing the modeller to leave the kit in sub-assemblies until the last stage post painting, essential on a biplane.

The biggest difficulty in mating together the fuselage with the lower wing is simply to choose the correct lower wing of the two versions included in the box. A little bit of attention is needed as the difference is subtle to suit the choice of spatted, semi spatted, and un-spatted undercarriage legs (one for the spatted and semi spatted, another for the unspatted legs.) Again, the detail of the wheels and landing gear is excellent making this kit a real ‘out-of-the-box’ build for even the fussiest of modellers!

Features such as separate control surfaces are expected with newly tooled kits.

GasPatch include a jig to help locate the undercarriage legs in their correct position.

GasPatch have produced a separate pre-cut mask set to help with the hard-edged splinter pattern on the upper wing

The surface detail and textures are as good as you’ll see in any scale.


Engine detail would shame many 1:32 kits! No need to search for aftermarket parts here, just considered painting to enhance the detail.


With the lower wing attached to the

The internal detail of the cowl sections

and Cocoa Brown (H-17) because they

fuselage, and most of the airframe

allows the option of a maintenance scene

match well with the RLM colour references.

painted, my next important step was

should you wish to show off the BMW

For the upper and lower fuselage surfaces

securing the wing struts.

radial engine. Prototypes of the 123 show

Gunze RLM 71 (H-64) and Gunze RLM 65

Again, any worries were unfounded; the fit

smooth cowlings but the production

(H-67) were and easy choice.

was perfect and the sub-assembly strong.

aircraft have the characteristic ‘humps’ to

Panel shading and highlighting was

The same was true for the undercarriage

clear the valve covers.

achieved by the usual lightening and darkening of the tones and controlled,

legs.The only area of this kit requiring some attention is the engine and cowl

As soon as I saw the five different markings

gradual airbrushing. Finer details and panel

assembly. GasPatch have produced an

included in this kit, I knew that my choice

lines were enhanced by oil paint washes.

excellent engine, you really have

was the last option: an Hs 123 late in

no reason to look for a resin one, all it

the Russian campaign with only the upper

Finally, I simply loved the kit decals. After

requires is careful painting and a dark

wing painted in the older three-tone

checking them carefully, I didn’t feel the

wash to enhance the detail. Mine is

splinter camouflage. All the painting was

need to put them aside and paint the

finished with a gentle dry-brushing of

done using Gunze aqueous acrylic colours

markings and codes as I often do. They

aluminium. Securing the engine to the

according to the very well researched kit

adhered perfectly to the Gunze paint finish.

forward fuselage is a problem-free


process, but lots of very careful dry fitting is

For the three upper wing colours (RLM

required to perfectly assembly the three

60/61/62), I used Gunze Light

main parts in which the cowl is divided.

Aircraft Gray (H-332), Dark Green (H-320),


After a final fitting of the upper wing, wheels and antennae I finally had one of my favourite aircraft in my favourite scale that I was satisfied with. GasPatch have re...

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