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"My Best Friend""My Best Friend" My best friend is boy. His name is Patryk. He is thirteenth old, is - pdf za darmo

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Story Transcript

"My Best Friend" My best friend is boy. His name is Patryk. He is thirteenth old, is polish and going to my gymnasium. He is interesting and original person. We has met at a scout camp, where he didn't want to be. He is tall, but is not conspicuous. Maybe it's because he hunches. He dressed in dark clothes, often in jeans and sweatshirts (he wear sweatshirt all time, even in summer!). The most sweatshirt are violet, but not all. This is sweet, because He loves to wear unbuttoned shirts and T-shirt. Sometimes he wear tie. He has interesting body. It is called "square", although unusual. He hips and shoulders are less more equal but in waits is sweet indentation. On his face still can see children's look. He has dark hair, but their naturals colour is brown. He hair are also short, straight and spiky on all sides of the world. He eyes is gray-blue colour. He has little, minor mouth and same, sweet nose. He is very intelligent. He likes to joke, but can laugh at themselves. He's sense of humour is original. He dislike simplicity and banality. For example, often invents verbal jokes like "Stoją dwa rosoły. Jeden zasłony, a drugi firanki". (There are standing two broth. One of curtains and a second curtains. - In polish 'curtains' and 'for salty' writing in the same way.) He is also a born leader – if he hadn’t have a sharp tongue, he probably would have a large group of friends and best friends. Currently he have some. He can make people who normally wouldn’t like each other, laugh together, and even play karaoke (I and my "friend"). He has little interest, probably because when he focus on something he does it whole-heartedly. He is ambitious. Unfortunately - he is lazy and stubborn. He is often worried, because he does not believe in himself. He isn't aslo honest and it is really irritating. He has a good and uncommon thing - he is tolerant. He tolerate sexual minorities, and also most of my quirks (some of them are really annoying). Anyway, I think he is attractive as a boy and as a man. He has an interesting, complex character, and if I had to compare it to some character from book, it would be Sherlock Holmes. Why? Because his way of "chewing people" is just amazing. I must admit that beeing friends with him worth it, although sometimes it can be uncomfortable....

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