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Contents Crave Me The Happily Ever After Series Hot Menage Romance Billionaire Navy SEAL Adventures Older Man Younger Woman Romance More Billionaire Romance Call me Daddy - A Daddy and Virgin Romance Filthy Boss: Amy’s Hot Seller - Very Filthy Billionaire Boss Romance Exclusive Excerpt & Cover Reveal: Filthy Cowboy (to be released Feb 25th) Similar Books by the Author

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I am Amy Brent. I love reading and writing steamy romances that are full of heat, heart and humour!

First I want to thank you for choosing to read my book. You have no idea what this means to me - you have chosen to give me your time, your trust and your openness - I am so grateful that you have opened up your heart to my words!

For your reading pleasure, I have included a few bonus stories right after the main book.

If you are a fan of Billionaire Boss Romances, you will definitely enjoy my hot selling FILTHY BOSS. That’s a very filthy billionaire boss book with over 215 reviews on Amazon (average review rating: 4.3 stars!)

NEW EXCLUSIVE: I am super excited to give you an exclusive copy of my new book titled - CALL ME DADDY. This one is a daddy and virgin romance and you won’t want to miss the steamy action in there. It is a

standalone with HEA.

BTW, My editor loved CALL ME DADDY so much that he wants me to write a complete Daddy and Virgin Romance Series. As always, I welcome your opinion.

Also included is an EXCLUSIVE COVER REVEAL AND EXCERPT from my yet to be released ‘FILTHY COWBOY’ (Filthy Cowboy releases on Feb 25th, 2017)

I hope you have as much fun reading this book as I had writing it!

So go on, Spoil Yourself Crazy!

xoxo, Amy


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It doesn’t matter who you are or what you look like, so long as somebody loves you — ROA L D D A HL


L ily I have a secret. My boyfriend, Brian, hasn’t been able to get me off! In fact, no other guy has been able to do that. And then I meet Landon – Landon is gorgeous, rich, filthy and forbidden. And then he tells me that he will take care of me. Can I risk my job, my boyfriend, my very comfortable life for this dirty talking, panty melting billionaire? I know I want him to love me like no other man has. I promise I will love him like no other woman has. But is it all that simple?

LANDON I am content with my life. I am a partner at the best law firm, love my work, have loads of respect in the business world and…. I get to f*ck a new woman every day – no questions asked. I am forty with the stamina of a thirty-year old. And then I meet Lily – Lily is sex over heels, she is gorgeous and charming. I know I crave for her! But I want her to crave me! The question is how do I seduce a woman who has everything! I promise I will!


LANDON I read the paperwork, fuming at how much my soon-to-be ex-wife, Nadine, was asking for in our divorce. She had the best fucking lawyer in New York, who was well known for going for blood as it was without the ridiculous fees. She wanted the Manhattan apartment and a massive sum for alimony, and all after a mere five years of marriage. I had been a partner in the Morton and Jones law firm for fifteen years, starting off the street fresh out of law school when I was twenty-five and climbing the ladder quickly. Nadine wasn’t around during that time, since she’d hooked her greedy claws into me after I’d been a partner for years, so I didn’t see why she deserved half of my fortune. New York divorce laws could suck my cock. The true love of my life had been my first wife, Madeline. We were married for just one year when she died in a car accident while carrying our unborn daughter. The loss crippled me, and I contributed that to my fast climb in the business. I became a workaholic after the accident, as well as what some would call a manwhore. I was young, rich, and good looking, and the women virtually fell at my feet. Why not take advantage of that and keep my dick busy? There was a long list of women who were regularly in the gossip columns, talking about how I just tossed them out of bed when I was done without any compassion. I was clear about what I wanted with every one of them, so they had no reason to bitch about it. They still did, but I noticed that the women didn’t stop lining up. Nadine had gotten under my skin somehow, but she was beautiful with bright blond hair and bright turquoise eyes. She had an incredible body as well as an insatiable sex drive, and I hadn’t seen her greed through all of that. I’d been too taken with her youthful energy. I learned a lot about that, sitting here reading line after line about what she wanted from me. Even if she got it, I was a billionaire due to my job and the various investments I kept caught up on, so I would be just fine. I was just disappointed in myself, having given love another chance after losing my

family so many years ago. I’d wanted one with Nadine, but she let me know two years after we married that she wasn’t interested in one any longer. Forty wasn’t the end all to that, but the idea of letting another woman in after what Nadine was doing to me was questionable at best right now. I knew sex was a part of my future, because, quite frankly, I took great care of myself and still looked good. Women assured me of that fact every single day. I pushed the papers aside and reminded myself that this would work out, no matter what. Nadine had been quick to point out that I’d cheated on her once I realized that this was going nowhere, but I knew she had done the same. Nadine had been involved in an affair well before I was, and I was ready to just agree that we’d messed up and call it a day, but she was trying to benefit from all my hard work. I glanced at my monitor, seeing that it was approaching five o’clock on Friday. I didn’t have set work hours, but today I was caught up and needed a drink. I had a new assistant starting on Monday who would be a great help to me, so I decided I deserved to hit happy hour and relax a little. I shut everything down and packed the papers into my briefcase before I left for the day. I sent a text out to some attorney friends asking them to meet me, figuring we could make a night of it. I chose a corner bar that offered good food and drinks, selecting a table in the corner as I looked around the room. It was filling up and there were some beautiful women here, making me relax as I ordered a whiskey from the waitress. I was watching her ass when she walked away before my gaze moved back to the bar to see a gorgeous brunette woman sipping from a glass of wine. I narrowed my eyes when I realized it was the woman starting at my office next week, looking quite different than she had during the interview I conducted with some of the other partners. Granted, she’d been attractive and smart as a whip that day, but tonight she looked sensual and somehow soft as she laughed. Her little black dress brushed her mid-thigh, and my eyes roved down her muscled calves before I looked back into her face. Her eyes looked greener and they popped with the dark makeup around them, complimented by the gloss on her full lips. “Picking out your victim already?” Mark, my buddy, asked as he slid into the booth and loosened his tie. “I spent the afternoon reading my divorce papers. I should just stay single forever. She’s milking me for everything.” He gave me a sympathetic look and ordered a beer when the waitress brought my drink. I still glanced at my assistant as I spoke, finding new things I liked about her every time my eyes passed over her. My cock stirred in my pants, and I shifted as I told myself not to get hot and bothered over my new employee.

The others joined us and we enjoyed a few drinks and appetizers as we chatted about work and women, along with some sports talk. Hanging out with friends was comforting, and I could laugh and let myself go a little bit in the familiarity of it. The bar filled and there were more women to talk about and flirt with as they glanced our way with the same coy smile. My eyes always returned to my assistant, who by now I remembered was named Lily. She was twenty-five, though she looked younger. She’d been to college and graduated with high marks and answered every question asked without missing a beat. She was perfect, and tonight I was seeing more of her feminine qualities. We were all feeling the liquor by the time we left, having met a few women throughout the evening. I was going to a condominium close by with Miriam, a black-haired pixie with a loud giggle. She’d increased the flirting as the time passed and my cock was hard from looking at Lily, so I went with it. Once she closed her door, her mouth was locked on mine and her hand was grabbing my cock through my pants as she pushed me against the wall. In the process of stumbling back to her room, we woke up her roommate. Miriam yelled out an apology before she slammed her door closed, pulling me to the bed. I pushed her onto it and lif...

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