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Encyclopaedia Arcane Divination August Hahn

Contents Introduction

Credits Editors


Richard Neale

Divination – An Overview 4 Knowing the Unknowable


Divination Spells


Divination Feats


Magic Items

Line Developer Paul Tucker

Cover Art Jon Hodgson

Interior Illustrations Danilo Moretti, Drew Langston, Eric Bergeron, Stephen Shepherd, Tony Parker


The Art of Gemsight 56

Production Manager Alexander Fennell

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Mark Howe, Daniel Scothorne, Mark Sizer, Michael Young, Mark Billanie, Daniel Haslam, Jamie Godfrey, Alan Moore


Proof-Reading Lucya Szarchnowski

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can benefit greatly with a diviner at his side to lend greater accuracy to his shots. A swordsman can be saved fatigue and wasted effort if a friendly diviner can discern the foes he is fighting are illusions. Even other mages appreciate a teammate with the ability to connect the minds of everyone in the group. Information is the key to any battle and diviners are information specialists without peer.


here are many schools of magic. Some, such as Evocation, are combat oriented and the province of wizards who hurl deadly fire at their foes and wreathe the battlefield with lightning. Others, such as Transmutation, are the domain of those seeking to explore the many forms of reality and how they can be bent and reshaped. Still others are much subtler; the school of Abjuration, for example, is a generally passive art that seeks to protect both body and soul.

Encyclopaedia Arcane

Compared with these, the school of Divination seems somewhat lacklustre. It does not move mountains, blast enemies, block attacks or turn lead to gold; all it does is provide information. Ultimately, that is what the school does – gives a spellcaster knowledge he did not have before. In the grand scheme of the magical arts, Divination would appear to be woefully underpowered – a sort of poor cousin to the other schools.

Divination – The All-Seeing Eye is the fifteenth book in the Encyclopaedia Arcane series. It presents enhancements and expansions to a school of magic often overlooked by players and Games Masters alike. Designed for easy integration with any fantasy-based d20 game system, the Encyclopaedia Arcane series presents a fresh way of looking at magical effects. These books contain all of the rules players and Games Masters alike need to apply these new options into their existing game worlds.

Still, appearances can be deceiving, as any diviner well knows. Two adages sum up the true value of divining – ‘knowledge is power’ and ‘forewarned is forearmed’. The first step of accomplishing anything is knowing what to do, when to do it and how to do it. Divination magic provides this first step admirably, while remaining useful during every other step of the way. A lightning bolt may be impressive but, if you do not know where to throw it because your target has turned invisible, it is not going to be particularly effective.

Divination – The AllSeeing Eye

The primary purpose of this sourcebook is to give both players and Games Masters the tools and ideas needed to increase the perceived usefulness of divining. You will find within chapters filled with feats, new spells, prestige classes to expand on the diviner concept and ideas for running characters of all sorts as effective diviners, with abilities to complement and increase their specialties.

The knowledge divination brings is all the more valuable because of its nigh-infinite scope. One spell will tell you whether a newfound sword is magical, another will warn you of the poison on its grip and still another will give you a complete understanding of its powers. Some spells see the past; others see the future. Some let you know the true shape and place of things, while others will show you exactly where they are hidden. Even the greatest of fellowships is useless if they do not know when or where to start their travels. Every band of heroes can function better with a diviner present to make the most of their special abilities.

Divination is an art considered weak and secondary in the eyes of many who should know better. A diviner is likely to always be considered a support character at best, an annoying, secondrate wizard with nothing useful to contribute at worst. For those who take divination seriously, however, the scope of their potential is immeasurable. After all, who is truly more powerful – the wizard with the fireball or the diviner who tells him when and where to cast it?

Divination magic is not well suited for direct attack and defense but, in a supporting role, it can be incredibly important. A sharp-eyed archer



What? Oh… Thank you, my lady. A drink would be nice. No, I don’t mind the company. If I did, I’d be sitting in a booth in the corner like some rogue. Company is why I come here, you know. They say a person is only a stranger until they say ‘Hello’. So, thanks for the wine and hello. My name? I am Randius but you can call me R… Hmmm? Why yes! I am that Randius. Diviner to the crown for the entire reign of Kellnus I through III. I have served the royal line since its inception after the Battle of Waelmont, which you may also have heard of. Oh, that’s true. The current king is Kellnus IV. Ungrateful child… I suppose he felt any advisor who lived through the rule of three kings must not be giving very good advice. The new queen certainly seemed to agree. Palace gossip points to her as the one who suggested I be replaced. Can you believe it? I give the best years of my life to my king and his progeny, only to be swept aside when a lithe slip of a girl bats her eyes at a fourteen year old dunderhead of a sovereign! I agree. I should not talk of our king in such a fashion but what would come of it? It’s not like I’d be arrested for treason. By the twisted halls of Hell, I designed the palace dungeon and trained every inquisitor in it. That gives me a little leeway, I would think. Besides, the town guard usually comes to me when they need to find a fugitive. Thus, my lovely friend, I doubt they will be beating down the door to serve me with a writ and haul me to the cages. What was that? True, true. I don’t have good things to say about the queen. I know our king loves her, or at least thinks he does but he is still a child and the royal pants are doing more thinking than the crown, if you know what I mean. Oh, forgive me. I did not mean to embarrass you. When you get to my age, you mostly just say what you think. Once you’ve mastered the magic to enter people’s minds and see what they think, a few impolite words pale by comparison. Oh goodness, no! I am not in your mind, my dear. First, that would be horribly impolite. Secondly, I would never do so unless asked or ordered to. Since no one gives me orders any more, you are perfectly safe, my lady… Hmmm. I didn’t get your name. Ah, my lady Dulcaea. What a lovely name. It sounds familiar but I am not placing it. Oh well, it is nice to meet you, Dulcaea, and your choice of wines is excellent. I prefer white wine with pork too, just as you do. I know the blush is traditional but I sometimes like to break conventions. Don’t you? I had a feeling you might. Not many women in this land would approach a stranger and buy him a drink. Not that I am objecting, mind you. More beautiful company on this dreary night I could not imagine. Of course, I haven’t been much by way of a lady’s company in years now but while there’s light in my eyes, there’s a fire burning somewhere! Have I embarrassed you again? Good. I like a woman with constitution. You wouldn’t be here if you were faint of heart. This tavern may lack class but it makes up for it in character. All kinds of characters, including a few you’d probably avoid if you could see them as I can. No, don’t worry. I don’t have to read minds to know what some people are thinking. A diviner’s spells can be limited, so I’ve learned to read people’s faces as easily as I can fortune cards. Frankly, I usually have better luck with faces. The cards have all turned against me lately. Or at least, so I thought until just now. You’re a pretty sight for old eyes and a welcome change from the empty stool that usually sits there. I’ve gotten used to dinners alone, so you’ll have to forgive me if my table manners have slipped a bit. I haven’t dined with fit company since I left the palace… Oh! Manners! I have been talking so much, you’ve hardly said a word, my dear lady. Please, tell me something about yourself. What do you do? Where do you live? Are you from around h… What? Talk more… privately? I… Of cour...

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