Fine Scale Modeler Vol.32 Issue 02

FSM’s Aaron Skinner weathers Tamiya’s 1/48 scale Zero – p.36 February 2014 Build a one - pdf za darmo

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Story Transcript

Build a one-of-a-kind Soviet heavy tank


February 2014 Kitbash and scratchbuild with styrene to create a super-sized KV-220 – p.28

We ShoW you hoW

airBruSh camouflage

realiStic field-applied camouflage Step-By-Step

fSm gallery :

FSM’s Aaron Skinner weathers Tamiya’s 1/48 scale Zero – p.36


Backdate a historic f-14 tomcat p.22 model a dazzling german torpedo boat p.20 Beyond the Box: We Build and revieW 10 all-neW kitS BonuS online content code




page 5

Vol. 32 • Issue 2



HAVE A FANTASTIC YEAR WITH AIRFIX! All these brilliant NEW models are coming your way during 2014. Most of what you see here are the superb CAD designs of Airfix’s new range coming out over the next twelve months. Check with your local stockist for the availability dates; and don’t forget to also check out what’s already come out during 2013 – they’re just as fantastic!

Higgins LCVP 1:72

Douglas Dakota MkIII with Willys Jeep 1:72

Bristol Blenheim MkIV (Fighter) 1:72

English Electric Lightning F6 1:72

Supermarine Spitfire MkVB 1:48

Bristol Blenheim MkI (Bomber) 1:72

Willys Jeep, Trailer & 6PDR Gun 1:72 Folland Gnat 1:48

Supermarine Swift F.R. Mk5 1:72

Hawker Typhoon 1:24

Dornier Do17z 1:72

see airÀ for further information @AirÀx

A Hornby Hobbies Product



February 2014 • Vol. 32 • No. 2 Online Content Code: FSM1402 Enter this code at to gain access to web-exclusive content.




Silly Putty masking for a snazzy schnellboot Unique camouflage sets it apart AARON SKINNER



Build a better Tomcat Academy’s F-14 backdated to 1985 to intercept the Achille Lauro hijackers DARREN ROBERTS



Building a prototype tank Two KV-1 kits plus scratchbuilding for a Soviet heavy hitter CRISTÓBAL VERGARA


36 36

Making a good Zero better Scale Modeling Essentials Part 3: weathering field-applied camouflage


10 NEW KITS Page 54

• Revell Germany Bf 109G • HobbyBoss F-80A • Academy USS Indianapolis • Revell Germany Tornado ECR “TigerMeet 2011” • Dragon SAS 1⁄4-ton patrol commander’s car • Trumpeter A3D-2 Skywarrior • Tarangus AB Saab J 29A/B Tunnan • Xuntong Tupolev Tu-2S • Airfix Quick Build F-22 Raptor and Apache helicopter







Modeling an A3D-2 Skywarrior Aftermarket accessories help tell the tale of a “Whale”




FSM World War I Aeroplane Group Build Daring modelers and their flying machines step forth from our Forum

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On the Cover FSM Associate Editor Aaron Skinner finishes Tamiya’s 1/48 scale A6M3 Zero with weather-beaten field-applied camouflage.


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Editor’s Page By Matthew Usher

Smile for the camera WElComE to the February issue of FineScale Modeler! It’s a great one (particularly Aaron Skinner’s cover-story Zero) and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. As you may have noticed below, recently we had the grown-up equivalent of school-picture day at the office – all of us had brandnew staff pictures taken. My old one was particularly dated; please

I love havIng all the members of the fsm team together In one spot don’t be alarmed that I’m suddenly a bit grayer and a little lumpier looking than my last photo. It’s something I’ve been working on for a while in my spare time. All kidding aside, I love having

all of the members of the FSM editorial team together in one spot. I couldn’t ask for a better team of editors to work with every day. They’re the reason the magazine maintains its fantastic standard from issue to issue. In addition to our editorial lineup, I also have to thank our fantastic art staff, Tom Ford, Patti Keipe, and Jay W. Smith. They make sure all the articles not only look great, but also convey all the critical step-by-step information clearly and accurately. Beyond that, take a moment and look at the list of names in the box on the next page. It’s a long list (even in small print) but it could be even longer if we included everyone who works to keep FineScale Modeler at the top of its game around the world. Thanks to all of you.

While I hope you enjoy everything in this issue, make sure you stay tuned for next month’s installment. In addition to our usual lineup of great modeling articles, it includes a special eight-page section on getting the most from your airbrush. We cover the workings and intricacies of one of modeling’s most essential tools, and we interview some of the hobby’s top modelers to find out their secrets for success. Until then, enjoy the issue!

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February 2014

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