Fine Scale Modeler Vol.34 Issue 06 July 2016 Rye Field Model Tiger I Meng Convair F-106A Delta Dart Tamiya SU-76M Create a - pdf za darmo

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Story Transcript

FINISHING: Use pastels for desert camo


July 2016 p.20

REJIGGER A JUG! Create a search-and-rescue P-47 Thunderbolt p.22




Make a knocked-out StuH 42 p.26 Model a sexy Cobra copter p.44 Create a pint-sized PLUS Builder Basics: Deuce-and-a-half truck p.40 Helpful glue facts p.48


Meng Convair F-106A Delta Dart

Tamiya SU-76M




July /// Vol. 34 /// No. 6

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18 Form & Figure

52 Rye Field Models Tiger I

Painting pale skin JOE HUDSON

54 Tamiya SU-76M 54 Eduard Fw 190A-8

20 Airbrushing & Finishing Pastels inish desert camoulage FAUSTO MUTO

54 Revell Germany BAe Hawk T1


22 Thunderbolt to the rescue

56 Italeri Statue of Liberty 56 Tamiya IJN Kagero

Modeling a 1/72 scale P-47D for SAR duty FRANK CUDEN

57 Horizon Models Mercury-Atlas 58 Meng F-106A Delta Dart

26 End of the line for a StuH 42

59 Italeri Mirage IIIC

Dragon’s 1/35 scale SP gun gets PE, paint, and Zimmerit KENNETH CHILDRES

32 32 FSM contest gallery

60 Trumpeter MIM-104 Patriot launcher and radar trailers

Star Wars online winners


40 Producing a pint-size Deuce-and-a-half

5 Editor’s Page

Upgrading, detailing a 1/72 scale Academy 2½-ton Army truck BART CUSUMANO

44 Creating a sexy Cobra

7 Scale Talk 10 Spotlight


Working over an old kit to relect a Vietnam-era Bell AH-1 attack copter FLOYD S. WERNER JR.

12 New Products 38 Reader Gallery 51 Reader Tips

48 Model glue FAQ

62 Questions & Answers

How it works, how to work with it AARON SKINNER

64 Hobby Shop Directory

66 Final Details A dogged resistance MARK HEMBREE

60 Trumpeter HEMTT M983 tractor

64 Classified Marketplace


65 Advertiser Index

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4 FineScale Modeler July 2016

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EDITOR’S PAGE By Mark Savage

Older and wiser: How do we cope?


have some news for you: None of teens hovering over the family card us are getting any younger. table with our model spread out on a Much as I already had susnewspaper to sop up errant glue and pected this was the case, my astute paint. observation was conirmed during a But as dedicated modelers, we’re weekend at the AMPS International not about to give up the hobby. Nor Convention. hat’s the Armor do we want to start building crummy Modeling and Preservation looking models. So how Society’s annual do, this time do we cope? I’ve tried in balmy Sumter, S.C. I’ve tried squinting a squinting Aaron Skinner and I had lot, holding parts at varia lot, a great time at the show, ous distances from my holding saw a lot of fantastic tanks, nose. Sometimes I wish parts at guns, halftracks, and my arms were longer. I various trucks. We’ll run a gallery guess an OptiVisor is a betdistances in a future issue. ter answer to dimming eyefrom my But as a 60-something sight. nose. guy, I felt like I was Some of us use stools or attending a meeting of padded chairs at the workmy peers. Many of us bench. Some of us have walk with a slight limp, have eyes installed better lighting in our workthat demand bifocal or trifocal lenses, shops. and a bunch of us bring along a longWe all have our various coping time but cranky friend, Arthur Ritus! mechanisms. Not all the joints and ingers are as What have you done to continue cooperative as when we were premodeling despite your bum back,

Hey, I do have a sprue in my hand!

fumbling ingers, and fuzzy eyesight? We’d like to know. Please take a few minutes out of your busy summer to drop me an e-mail or letter telling me what contraptions you’ve built, or tricks you’ve mastered, to keep your modeling A-game alive. Inquiring minds want to know!

[email protected]

Off the sprue: What historical figure would you most like to meet?

Editor Mark Savage [email protected]

Senior Editor Aaron Skinner [email protected]

Associate Editor Mark Hembree [email protected]

Assistant Editor Elizabeth Nash [email protected]

Editorial Associate Monica Freitag [email protected]

Teddy Roosevelt is a hero of mine. Love his get-the-job-done attitude, his hands-on approach, and his moxie. Anyone who could get any Congress to establish our great National Park System is just “bully” with me!

My grandfather, Lee Skinner. He was a Seabee in the Pacific during World War II and worked in the aviation industry after, two things I’d loved to have talked to him about. But he died years before I was born.

It would be a hoot to meet H.L. Mencken, a grand curmudgeon who defined Puritanism as “the haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy.” However, if I could meet Will Rogers there is a better chance he’d like me.

I would like to meet Cleopatra to talk about ancient Egyptian politics and gold accessories.

John F. Kennedy. He had a Camelot lifestyle and was good-looking (appealing to a 6-yearold girl). At my Catholic school he was a big deal. We even studied his Profiles in Courage with Sister Deotilla (laugh, but that was her name).


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ART Illustrator Kellie Jaeger Photographer William Zuback Production Coordinator Cindy Barder

CONTRIBUTING MODELERS Paul Boyer, Federico Collada, Andy Cooper, Raúl Corral, Frank Cuden, Phillip Gore, James Green, Joe Hudson, Rick Lawler, Karl Logan, Harvey Low, Rato Marczak, Chris Mrosko, Bill Plunk, Darren Roberts, Chuck Sawyer, Cookie Sewell, Bob Steinbrunn, Cristóbal Vergara, Jim Wechsler, Adam Wilder

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