Fine Scale Modeler Vol.34 Issue 07 September 2016 Tanmodel RF-84 Thunderflash Airfix Ju 87 Stuka FlyingTiger!PaintanAVGP-40 - pdf za darmo

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Story Transcript

Flying Tiger! Paint an AVG P-40


September 2016 p.16




Weathering a British Mark I p.22 Detailing a late German Tiger I p.26

Aaron Skinner’s 1/35 scale M48A3 Patton – p.36

Adding bedspring armor to a T-34 p.30 4 fixes for Dragon’s Patton p.36 An Abrams recycling project p.40

Building a Marine C-9B p.49 Painting dark blue uniforms p.20

OUR TEAM BUILDS AND REVIEWS 7 NEW KITS p.54 Tanmodel RF-84 Thunderflash

Airfix Ju 87 Stuka

AMK MiG-31 Foxhound




September /// Vol. 34 /// No. 7

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22 100 YEARS OF



16 Airbrushing & Finishing

54 AMK MiG-31

Taming a Flying Tiger ANDERS ISAKSSON

56 Tanmodel RF-84 Thunderflash

20 Form & Figure Painting dark blue uniforms JOE HUDSON

57 Airfix Ju 87B-1 Stuka

26 58 Tamiya AMX-13

22 First in the field: British Mark I Heavy weathering for Takom’s tank RICK LAWLER

58 Takom AMX-13/75

26 Add Zimmerit to a late Tiger I

59 Airfix Avro Shackleton MR2

A full kit plus added resin makes for an exceptional model BILL PLUNK

30 Springtime in Berlin

60 HK Models Dornier Do 335A


Dragon’s 1/35 scale T-34/85 gets a little more armor JIMMY NGO KEE SHYANG

5 Editor’s Page

36 Four steps to a better Patton

7 Scale Talk

Easy ixes for building Tamiya’s 1/35 scale M48A3 AARON SKINNER

10 New Products

40 Recycling project Updating a model and saving an aging Abrams from the landill SEAN LYNCH


47 Reader Gallery 61 Reader Tips

49 Finishing a Marine C-9B

62 Questions & Answers

It’s all in the details when it comes to building a Semper Fi transport FRANK CUDEN

64 Hobby Shop Directory 64 Classified Marketplace

66 Final Details Your stash rationale MARK HEMBREE



65 Advertiser Index

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EDITOR’S PAGE By Mark Savage Shep Paine’s

ARMOR Modelers Guide

100 years of armor amore


nniversaries come and go, but Ever since, nations have improved some are particularly noteon the crude original meant to span a worthy. 100 years ago this trench, crush barbed wire, and keep September the irst Mark I tanks moving across cratered battleields. rolled into battle in France and thus he result? began our amore with armor. German Panzers (including the he British had gained the noted Tiger), Soviet early advantage in mechaT-34s, U.S. M48 … the fact nized land warfare with its Pattons, and modern-day is that the Landships Committee M1 Abrams. British commissioning what was To mark this anniverMark I nicknamed “Little Willie” sary and help satisfy modlooked like after the William Foster elers’ infatuation with an old steel & Co., that created it. tanks, we asked ive top water tank. But the term tank modelers to lead us through appears to have come, their builds of these iconic and stuck around, because of a need tanks, all from diferent countries for a code name and the fact that the and featuring difering building, Mark I looked like a water tank as it detailing and weathering techniques. was being shipped to France. Space requires we limit our scope In any case, on Sept. 15, 1916, just of tanks, but we hope we’ve hit some 32 of the available 49 British tanks of your favorites. We also hope you (reliability wasn’t an early strong enjoy this issue’s special focus on point) entered the Battle of Flerstanks. Know too that we’ll have Courcelette, part of the larger Battle other special features on land, sea, of the Somme. and air subjects in upcoming issues.

With Contributing Editor

Jim DeRogatis

*** While we’re on the tank topic, I should remind you to look for our latest book, Shep Paine’s Armor Modelers Guide. he 144-page how-to book will be available this fall for $24.99. his was Shep’s inal project for us and includes updated tips and techniques and seven all-new projects.

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Off the sprue: What’s your favorite summer activity?

Editor Mark Savage [email protected]

Senior Editor Aaron Skinner [email protected]

Associate Editor Mark Hembree [email protected]

Assistant Editor Elizabeth Nash [email protected]

Editorial Associate Monica Freitag [email protected]

I start each summer with a trip to my hometown to watch the Indy 500, but in Wisconsin I’m a sucker for the Big Slide, cream puffs, perogies, and corn at our awesome state fair. Great family fun, especially with goofy grandkids.

Hanging out with friends while eating burgers, drinking an adult beverage, and identifying planes/birds/starfighters/superheroes flying over.

It’s baseball season! I love the sound of a ballgame on the radio while I’m tending the BBQ grill. And it’s festival season: Performing at outdoor gigs is a gas.

Laying out a blanket in front of my car at the drive-in movie theater, getting distracted by the stars, falling asleep during the double feature and waking up covered in dew.

I attend Summerfest (big lakefront music festival) and the Wisconsin State Fair every year, in addition to hitting up as many smaller live music concerts and open market events as possible. That’s what makes my summer!


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ART Illustrator Kellie Jaeger Photographer William Zuback Production Coordinator Cindy Barder

CONTRIBUTING MODELERS Paul Boyer, Federico Collada, Andy Cooper, Raúl Corral, Frank Cuden, Phillip Gore, James Green, Joe Hudson, Rick Lawler, Karl Logan, Harvey Low, Rato Marczak, Chris Mrosko, Bill Plunk, Darren Roberts, Chuck Sawyer, Cookie Sewell, Bob Steinbrunn, Cristóbal Vergara, Jim Wechsler, Adam Wilder

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I just want to say the April I’ve been in this hobby issue featuring Chris now for 46 years. I » Flodberg’s HMS Repulse has used to be an FSM got to be the greatest cover subscriber, but nowaphoto...

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