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April 2017 /// Vol. 35 /// No. 4




14 Airbrushing & Finishing

56 Kitty Hawk F2H-2 Banshee

Spotting a Brummbär AARON SKINNER

58 Tiger BMPT-72 Terminator II

16 Form & Figure Three ways to a 5 o’clock shadow JOE HUDSON


59 Academy USS Missouri

18 Squiggles made simple Precisely applied liquid mask PABLO BAULEO

60 Trumpeter ZSU-57-2 61 Moebius Michael Myers from Halloween

21 Metal from acrylics Using water-based paints for a realistic natural-metal finish AARON SKINNER

28 The death of I-171

Plastic kits, LEDs, and resin create a watery diorama LUKE EASTER


7 Scale Talk

36 Kitbash a better Bison Accuracy demands two kits and aftermarket add-ons BILL PLUNK

10 New Products

42 Construct cathedral ruins Shattered stained glass and crumbling walls tell a war-torn story MARC GRAND

32 Reader Gallery


46 FSM show gallery

55 Reader Tips 62 Questions & Answers

MMSI annual show and contest

52 Build a carpet-laying Buffalo

64 Hobby Shop Directory

You’ll get a kick out of this “Funny” ANDY COOPER

64 Classified Marketplace

66 Final Details A story finds a model MARK HEMBREE

5 Editor’s Page


65 Advertiser Index

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4 FineScale Modeler April 2017

EDITOR’S PAGE By Mark Savage

Finding peace of mind in plastic


ime in the FSM workshop is It’s the eyes, as we’ve discussed precious. This editing gig seems here before, that are more of a chalto suck up a lot of what would be lenge these days. I’m lucky in that valuable model-building time. the 1/24 scale racer build isn’t hamBut this year we decided to push pered by too many ultra-small parts. ourselves (and you) to build more by The good news is that we all learn starting an online modeling chala little something each time we build lenge. The goal? To com(mine is patience), and plete a model in a month. we refine our skills, too. Building We each picked someI had one of the folks takes your thing we had been wanthere poke his head in the mind off ing to build. Although, workshop the other day to politics, let’s be honest, Aaron ask if I was aggravated yet. crummy gets to build more than Happily, I could say no, and weather, the rest of us here each oddly, for me anyway, I’ve crazy year! found that building and co-workers ... painting are calming. Not surprisingly, I chose an IndyCar, a Building takes your mind off Revell kit of Scott Pruett’s Pioneerof politics, crummy weather, crazy sponsored Reynard-Toyota racer co-workers, and the morning comfrom 1999. mute. It has been a blast to get back to And that, my friends, is worth all creating something (other than a the iPads, iPods, and iPhones in the magazine). I especially enjoy the world. Finding a creative outlet that painting and find that my hands are also gives your mind time to unwind still pretty steady. is vital to good mental health.

So when I finish (only about halfway there), I’ll not only have another racecar to display in my already crowded office, I’ll have a certain peace of mind. That’s a rare commodity in our overbusy world. So, as one of our area’s NFL football heroes famously said, R-E-L-A-X. I bet he was thinking of modeling at the time.

[email protected]

Off the sprue: What’s your favorite sport to play?

Editor Mark Savage [email protected]

Senior Editor Aaron Skinner [email protected]

Associate Editor Mark Hembree [email protected]

Assistant Editor Elizabeth Nash [email protected]

Editorial Associate Monica Freitag [email protected]

I used to be pretty proficient at tennis and softball, but an aching back and old-guy legs aren’t helping me much there. I’m a Hoosier, though, and still enjoy shooting baskets. I’m pretty deadly from the foul line!

Ten-pin bowling and snooker — games where you play half of the time and spend the other half socializing with a drink in your hand.

When I could run I was pretty fair at baseball: spray hitter, good glove. Actually, I can still run. It’s just for too long in the same place.

Considering I once ran the wrong way in a game of baseball, I’ll stick to Taekwondo. My specialty is the jump front kick.

Is fishing a sport? I enjoy it, especially early in the season toward the end of May. The water is cool, but not cold, so the fish are biting, but the bugs are not! Even on the ice in midwinter is OK, although I prefer fishing in the warm sunshine.


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CONTRIBUTING MODELERS Paul Boyer, Federico Collada, Andy Cooper, Raúl Corral, Frank Cuden, Phillip Gore, James Green, Joe Hudson, Rick Lawler, Karl Logan, Harvey Low, Rato Marczak, Chris Mrosko, Bill Plunk, Darren Roberts, Chuck Sawyer, Cookie Sewell, Bob Steinbrunn, Cristóbal Vergara, Jim Wechsler, Adam Wilder


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Your voice in FSM

The importance of a strong foundation

Now at

There’s something to be said for doing a good, if just basic, job on models. Proper seam-filling, straight and level construction, clean masking, painting, and finishing appropriate to scale, and prototype accuracy should be the goals in any modeling project. Many of the more “advanced” and “artistic” techniques are used to mask unlearned basics and distract the eye. I’m not opposed to the techniques, I just think that the basics should be minded first and foremost. I believe the end result will be far more attractive to the viewer and satisfying to the builder. – Peter Espada Camp Hill, Pa.

We’ve come a long way I read your Tamiya F-14A review ( Jan...

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