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DRA-3576 M752 Lance Self-Propelled Missile Launcher 1:35 scale model Missile can freely elevate up and down on launcher Every component of complicated missile mount is accurately done Front part of vehicle including photo-etched components Driver’s cabin has full interior details Trackpads come as individual parts to ensure accurate details

1315 John Reed Court, City of Industry, CA 91745, Phone: 1 (626) 968-0322, Fax: 1 (626) 968-0234, [email protected]




May 2017 /// Vol. 35 /// No. 5

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14 Form & Figure

54 HK Models B-17E/F


56 Rye Field Model M1A1/A2

16 Airbrushing & Finishing Painting markings and printing decals DAVE KOUKOL

56 Tiger Model Nagmachon


58 Tiger Model Panhard VBL

19 Advance Revell’s X-wing Basic techniques improve a Star Wars fighter AARON SKINNER

58 Thunder Models U.S. Army tractor 59 Panda Hobby Marder I (SdKfz 135)

26 Chewie’s wild ride Bandai’s combat-weary AT-ST SEAN LYNCH

57 Zvezda Su-33 “Flanker-D”


30 Power up a P-51

60 Airfix P-40B Warhawk


Wiring lights and a spinning prop JAMES FULLINGIM

5 Editor’s Page 40 Don’t worry, it’s only resin

7 Scale Talk

Contrail’s 1/144 scale 757-200 FRANK CUDEN

44 FSM contest gallery

10 New Products


Modeling the War in the Pacific

53 Reader Tips

48 This rare variant Make Tamiya’s T-72M1 less common MICHAEL GROCHOLA

62 Questions & Answers 64 Hobby Shop Directory

66 Final Details The Flying Pancake: Did it really stack up? MARK HEMBREE

36 Reader Gallery

64 Classified Marketplace


65 Advertiser Index

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Setting the new standard in plastic model kits with the release of The Haunebu II!

About The Kit:

Newly tooled plastic model kit premiere from Squadron Models of the infamous German WWII Haunebu II project. This historic kit is a 1/72nd scale model of one of the most top secret projects of Hitler’s Germany. • 125 total parts with complete detailed interior. • Two piece bottom disc, with a fully retractable entrance ramp. • Main turret with detachable (if desired) roof, housing 2 x 110mm canon. • Detailed landing gear with the choice of being closed or extended, • 4 rotating ball turrets each displaying 2 x 80mm guns. •6HWWLQJDQHZVWDQGDUGLQSODVWLFPRGHONLWVWKLVWKHYHU\ÀUVWNLWIURP Squadron Models – Helping History Take Flight.



Modeling is built on imagination A long time ago, at a kitchen table and tanks with help from not so far away (although the unremy parents. I enjoyed the lenting smog of time greatens the process, mostly for the distance!), an 8-year-old boy cut and finished objects that glued his way through MPC’s Star remained complete for a Wars X-wing. few days before succumbSticky fingers, globby paint, and ing to the rigors of play. gaping seams meant nothing. Within months of seeInstead, each part advanced the faning Star Wars, I had all tasy that he was Luke Skywalker fly- four MPC kits I could find ing over the Death Star. That junior in the J.C. Penney Co.’s modeler was able to touch the toy section. The starfighter from the movie he X-wing loved and relive the joy he and ... there felt in the theater. R2-D2 was a time didn’t surHe is — that is, I am — when it still doing that today. As vive a trans-Pacific jourwas a hard as it is for me to ney, but Darth Vader’s believe I’m 40 years older, TIE fighter and C-3PO single it’s extraordinary to think graced shelves in my bedtwo-hour that Star Wars, George room for years. Building film ... Lucas’ epic space fantasy, them reinforced my affection has delighted audiences for the movie and cemented young and old since May 25, 1977. modeling as my primary hobby. It’s impossible to overestimate the My interests broadened over the role Star Wars played in my developyears to include aircraft, tanks, ships, ment as a modeler. I’d built a few and cars, but science fiction, espemodels before the summer of ’77, cially Star Wars, has always been mostly Matchbox and Airfix aircraft present. Talking to builders of my

generation often reveals a similar story. They may not build sci-fi now, but they did when the movie came out. Today, the franchise (there was a time when it was a single twohour film that you had to watch at the theater!) is omnipresent with TV series and new movies coming for the next several years. For hardware geeks like me, that means new vehicles, droids, and characters to build — new ways to connect with the films’ thrill. FSM marks Star Wars’ 40th anniversary with two stories. I return to the subject that kicked off my habit and show improvements for the Revell (née FineMolds) X-wing. Then, master modeler Sean Lynch turns his armor-finishing techniques loose on Bandai’s AT-ST. Enjoy the out-of-this-world modeling, and may the Force be with you!

Off the sprue: What’s your favorite movie snack?

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I’m old and traditional on this. I want hot, buttered popcorn, but would never turn down some peanut M&Ms.

There’s nothing better than tucking into baby back ribs dripping with sauce in the theater’s darkness, but I’ll settle for popcorn in a pinch.

I don’t snack during a good movie. If it’s a bad movie, I might go make a sandwich and read something instead.

Sweet, chocolatey nonpareil Sno-Caps eaten concurrently with salty, buttery popcorn.

Buttered popcorn, of course, with a Cherry Pepsi (or Coke) and box of Junior Mints.


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Item #550

Proven the Best, for over 45 years!

Editor Mark Savage Art Director Tom Ford


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