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Story Transcript

Introduction So here it is, the long awaited sequel to the first volume of books in this series. The workouts in this book, like those in the last, are designed to be used in an a la carte manner. Select a workout from these pages and have at it. Record your time or score, come back another time, and beat it up. If you do not already have the first book, I highly recommend that you pick it up. Some of the workouts in the first volume are more foundational in nature. All of the workouts from both books will be enormously challenging to even the most conditioned individual if you really bust your ass and leave nothing in the tank, however some of the drills in this volume are of the more advanced variety and are presented with the assumption that you have been busy with the first book for a while. These workouts are designed to make beasts out of men. The idea here is that the reader of this book is not a competitive athlete looking for a way to improve at their sport between these two covers, but rather a regular guy looking to become irregular. Give these workouts everything you have and see if you are not happy with what results you manifest. This isn’t a text heavy work, this one is all how-to, so without further adieu I give you… 50 More Greyskull Approved Conditioning Workouts for the Modern Viking.


©2011 Vilain Publishing

#1 (Floor Wiper x 5, Bar Pushup x 10) x 6 Begin by loading a barbell to the desired weight. Big boys will probably use 135lbs as shown. Really the weight is not terribly important on this one, so don’t stress it too much, 135 is just a good weight for most bigger, stronger, well-endowed guys. The hardest part, and limiting factor in selecting the weight is going to be getting it into position to start. This should be done by yourself, from the floor, not by using a rack or a partner. Hold the bar at arms length over your chest while lying supine. Bring both of your legs up as in a leg raise, turning them to the side until your feet touch the plate on one side of the bar and then bring your feet to touch the plate on the other end of the bar. That completes one repetition of the floor wiper. Complete five reps and then transition to the bar pushup which is simply a pushup performed while gripping the bar as shown. All the way on these, body rigid, chest to the bar, no half-assing. Knock out six sets of this ball buster, record your time, and call it a day.


©2011 Vilain Publishing

#2 Sandbag 50/50 Mile Awful. This one is simple. Go to a track or other suitable one-mile course that features a quarter-mile loop. Haul ass around the first lap holding a sandbag. Upon completing the first lap, ditch the bag and run the second lap with just the weight of your own genitals encumbering you. Pick the bag back up for the third lap, and then nix it again for the fourth. Vomit, sip water, record your time and go home proud.


©2011 Vilain Publishing

#3 Double Dumbbell Turkish Get Up x 25 Deceptively horrible. Many of you reading this will have already done the Turkish get up. It is a great exercise and has a certain fun quality to it. These do not have that quality. Select two equally-weighted dumbbells (you’ll probably end up dropping down in weight, so be modest), one for each hand, lie supine on the ground with the bells at arm’s length over your chest. Get up from the ground to a standing position with your arms extended overhead. Repeat for a total of twenty-five reps. Curse my mother for birthing me, and rest for tomorrow.


©2011 Vilain Publishing

#4 Sandbag Burpee/ Burpee Descending Ladder from 10 This one really isn’t that bad, really. Ok, I’m lying. Simple and to the point, descending ladders are great. Start by knocking out ten sandbag burpees (as shown below). After completing ten of those beasts, bust out ten burpees without the sandbag. Once those are done do nine of each, then eight of each, and so on until you get to one and one. The things we do to be better than everyone else…


©2011 Vilain Publishing

#5 Kettlebell Situp, Swing, Goblet Squat 5/10/10 x 10 Grab a moderately weighted kettlebell for this one, no hero stuff. Start by holding the KB on your chest and performing five good quality situps (these will be the most challenging part of the workout if you use an adequately weighted bell). Stand up with the KB and knock out and perform ten swings. Catch the bell at the top of the last swing and perform ten deep, goblet squats to complete one set. Do nine more sets like the first one to make ten total and log your time to completion.


©2011 Vilain Publishing

#6 50 Overhead Dumbbell Situps, 800 meter dash So simple, yet such a terribly despicable combination. Here we feature our old go-to the overhead dumbbell situp. It’s simple in design, hold two equally weighted dumbbells extended over your chest while lying on your back, and sit up. Your arms will be extended over your head as in a seated press at the top of the movement. You can anchor your feet, or leave them free for an even more exhilarating experience. Once you finish fifty of these gut-busters, take off on a half-mile sprint towards godliness. Write down your time for today’s conquest and hit the showers. Destroy your time on the next try.


©2011 Vilain Publishing

#7 Burpee Broad Jump 400m Another one for the track. This one is beyond simple, but the farthest thing from easy. It will eat you for lunch. You are simply going to execute one burpee broad jump (as shown) after another until you make it one full lap around a 400m track. As always, record your time so that you can smash it on the next go-around.


©2011 Vilain Publishing

#8 Sandbag Clean and Press x 3, Overhead Squat x 3, Max Sets in 7 minutes

We don’t need no stinking prowler. Take your $5 sandbag that you all built after the first book (50 Greyskull Approved Conditioning Workouts for the Modern Viking) and get ready to manhandle (these sandbag drills get you ready for the husky jawns). Bust out three clean and presses with the bag, touching it to the ground each time. Leave the bag overhead after the third press and knock out a trio of deep, overhead squats. That makes one set complete. Set a clock for seven minutes and do as many sets as you can in that time.


©2011 Vilain Publishing

#9 50m Backward Crab Walk/ One Legged Pushup x 20, x 4 Grade school gym class with a military twist. Mark out a fifty-meter course and assume the crab walk position at the start line. Crab walk backwards to the fifty-meter mark and execute twenty one leg pushups (stick one of your legs straight up in the air boner style throughout the movement), switch extended legs with each repetition. Four trips and fours sets of twenty pushups and this one is over.


©2011 Vilain Publishing

#10 Dive Bomber Pushup x 10, Mountain Climber x 10, 100m Sprint, x 4

This is one is a blast if you are a masochist. Find a one hundred meter course (hit the track or mark one out) and assume the pushup position at the start line. Perform ten high-quality dive-bomber pushups (as shown). Once you are finished the dive-bombers, stay in the pushup position and execute ten mountain climbers (pump your knees in an alternating fashion to meet your arms) counting left plus right as one repetition. Once you’re done the two movements, break out of the pushup position into a balls-out sprint towards the finish line. Rest at the finish until you are ready to hit it again. Record you times as heats, a separate time for each try.


©2011 Vilain Publishing

#11 Situp x 10, Hanging Leg Raise x 5, Chinup x 3, Max Sets in 10 minutes

Bodyweight and a chinning bar are that are needed for this one. Bust ten situps, then jump or climb to the bar and bring your legs up straight in front of your face. Control your body, do not swing around like an ass on the bar. Once the leg raises are complete, execute three solid chinups, bringing your throat to the bar and coming to full extension of the elbows at the bottom. This makes one set, do as many sets as you can in ten minutes and record the number to slay later like yesterday’s ass.


©2011 Vilain Publishing

#12 Dive Bomber x 10, Sandbag Squat & Press x 10, X 6 This one is a real bastard. Get your trusty sandbag out for this one. Use the 80lb’er if you’re of the abnormally hung variety. Simple and to the point, ten dive bombers, then ten squat and presses with the sandbag makes one set. Do six of these beasts and record your time. Good luck.

continued on next page…


©2011 Vilain Publishing


©2011 Vilain Publishing

#13 The Sandbag Mile The bigger brother of the first book in this series’ Sandbag half mile, it is as the name implies, one mile as fast as possible carrying a sandbag in any manner that you see fit. Tons of fun. Have at it.


©2011 Vilain Publishing

#14 Kettlebell Swing/ Burpee, 30 seconds/ 30 seconds for 7 minutes

Push this one out to ten minutes or two or three five-minute rounds when you’re more of a beast. Swing a moderately weighted kettlebell (we want lots of swings here) for thirty seconds, and then bust as many burpees as you can for thirty seconds immediately following the swings. Repeat this cycle for seven minutes. This will obviously require some sort of timer. I will let you figure out how to rig that one up. My job is to bring the pain.


©2011 Vilain Publishing

#15 Sandbag Turkish Getup + Sandbag Burpee x 2, Max sets in 5 minutes

Quick and brutal, add time to this one if you must or dare. Perform a Turkish getup by with the sandbag by lying on your back and placing the bag on your s...

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