Klaus Dona - The Hidden History of the Human Race (2010)

Project Avalon – Klaus Dona : The Hidden History of the Human Race – February 2010 1. Klaus Dona: The - pdf za darmo

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Story Transcript

Klaus Dona: The Hidden History of the Human Race February 2010 http://projectavalon.net/lang/en/klaus_dona_2_interview_transcript_en.html **Ed note: Some transcripts contain words or phrases that are inaudible or difficult to hear and are, therefore, designated in square brackets.**

BILL RYAN (BR): This is Bill Ryan here from Project Camelot and Project Avalon. It's the 20th of February, 2010, and it's my great privilege to be meeting again with Klaus Dona. In this video presentation it’s going to be an interview with a difference because I'm going to do very little talking indeed, maybe none at all! Klaus is going to be doing an audio commentary on one of his extremely special, unusual, and fascinating slide shows about the artifacts and the various phenomena that he has been researching, discovering, investigating personally all over the

world relating to what I think you could legitimately call The Hidden History of the Human Race. Would you say that that's a good summary, Klaus? KLAUS DONA (KD): That's a very good summary, yes. BR: [laughs] So I'm going to step back here, and what follows now, just kick back and enjoy this slide presentation. Klaus is going to take you through his own journey… you can accompany him on his own journey through his own discoveries. And take it away, Klaus. What are we looking at here ? I can see an array of pyramids. What's the significance?

KD: The significance is that you can find pyramids all over the world on each continent. The question is when and who did build those pyramids? Why many of those pyramids all over the world are looking very, very similar? Another question is did there really exist a global civilisation? I think many of our researches are really telling us that once upon a long time, a global civilisation existed, but how many thousands of years ago we don't know

Project Avalon – Klaus Dona : The Hidden History of the Human Race – February 2010


Here you have one street with stairs going up.

Most of the audience of Project Camelot may know about the story of one stone pyramid building found in 1984, 25 metres under the sea level in Japan on the island of Yonaguni, which is the southest [most southerly] Japanese island belonging to the Ryukyu Island Group. There is still a struggling of some international archaeologists who are saying that these monuments were done by Nature. But my friend, Professor Masaaki Kimura, did several years since then, researches not only on this monument, but also he found several others close by. On the right side down you have a model. And one thing Nature is definitely not doing… on top of two platforms of this monument, there is one huge stone turtle and one huge stone bird – like an eagle. Nature is doing many things, but not such a precise, perfect monument.

Here again, a very close-up picture just to recognise the size of this huge monument.

Ancient World Maps

And the question is where are all the stones? If Nature would have done it...broken down… where are those stones? There are also streets and there was also found a stone stadium like a Roman Colosseum with stone seat rows and stone stairs. Nature is great, is doing many, many great things, but not such perfect buildings. Here you have a huge stone turtle and you can see also how small is the diver against this big monument. [lower left]

Here you can see some world maps. On the top, on the right side [enlarged, below] you can see the Piri Reis map which was used already long time before Christopher Columbus came to America and you can see how perfect this map was already in the beginning of the 16th century, showing part of Europe, of Spain, Portugal, part of Western Africa and also part of South America. We do not know until now [even now] who was able to make such a perfect map already centuries ago.

Project Avalon – Klaus Dona : The Hidden History of the Human Race – February 2010


On the rest of the Piri Reis map, which we do not show on this picture, you can also see the Antarctic without ice. In 1956 researchers found out that the Earth under the ice mass at the Antarctic is exactly like the Piri Reis map was showing, so this Piri Reis map should be at least older than 10- to- 12,000 years. But the next question would be: Who was able to make such a wonderful world map?

On the left side, on top, you see Atlantis [enlarged, left] done by Althanasius Kircher and the map is the other way round. He did it the other way round, and you can see the continent between Europe, Africa, and also America.

And you can see on the left side down, [in the first photo of different maps; enlarged left] different sides of a huge stone world map. This stone world map was found in 1984 while gold digging in Ecuador in an underground tunnel system with other 350 artifacts which do not really fit any known and existing South American pre-Columbian culture.

On this stone map [left] is a natural quartz line, a white one. This is the front side of the world stone map, and you can see approximately in the Near East, close to Saudi Arabia. You can see an inlay as an eye and from this eye to the right and to the left is a natural quartz line going on the right side over India, Thailand. And also there is a long island on the right side which Professor Kimura's research gave him the statement that from the northest [northernmost] Japanese island until far down after Taiwan, once there existed a huge continent… but then this world map must be older than at least 10- to12,000 years.

Project Avalon – Klaus Dona : The Hidden History of the Human Race – February 2010


Here is the back side and you can see on the right side coming the quartz line passing in the Atlantic a continent, Atlantis, which in our days does not exist anymore. Then the white line is crossing part of South America. If you put this pyramid under black light, the eye is shining very strongly and it looks really like an eye, but not really like a human eye. Here you have a close-up of the eye and you can see the colours of the inlay.

Here you have a close-up and you can exactly see the Bay of Guayaquil an inlay going up to North and a round inlay showing exactly the place where there were found those artifacts. And there is also the best quality water worldwide existing.


One other very interesting artifact found on the same place in Ecuador is the so-called Pyramid with the Eye. The eye is an inlay. The stone is grey and white and you have thirteen steps. It looks exactly like the Pyramid with the Shining Eye on the One US Dollar.

On the bottom of this pyramid, you have the inlay in little gold plates showing the Orion star constellation, and you have unknown writing. The translation of Professor Kurt Schildmann, who was the President of the German Linguistic Association and he was perfect in more than forty languages… he was able to translate this writing. He called it pre-Sanskrit because it is older than the oldest writing. The translation of these four letters you can see here, his translation is: "The son of the creator comes."

Project Avalon – Klaus Dona : The Hidden History of the Human Race – February 2010


On this stone you can see on the top the two eyes and then you see the right hand holding the pyramid and putting the left hand on top of the pyramid. That means showing how to use this Pyramid with the Eye.

We've found the same writing on stones in certain countries like Ecuador, Colombia, Illinois (United States); Glozel, France; Malta in the Mediterranean; Turkmenistan, Australia, and in Southern Calabria, Italy just a few years ago. Always there are stones and ceramics – terracotta – with the same writing. That means this writing existed once worldwide, and that means there must have been a global civilisation older than Sanskrit, older than 6,000 years. Professor Schildmann also told me that this writing has a little similarity to the Indus writing and also to the Easter Island writing. As he said, this is older than Sanskrit. He called this writing pre-Sanskrit. On this stone you can see an encarving: sitting, a man on a stone holding the pyramid exactly as it was shown on the artifact before. From his eyes are going rays out and on the right side you see two bowed persons. On his head he has something like a small helmet and from this helmet goes up like an antenna to a strange object over him.

Project Avalon – Klaus Dona : The Hidden History of the Human Race – February 2010


And here you have the photo of the discovered helmet. We could not yet make a metal research or checking what kind of metal was used, but you can see in the centre of the helmet that something is missing and that might have been this kind of antenna which was shown on the artifact before.

And on the big cup you can see a perfect inlaid star constellation also showing the Orion and other stars. And inside the big cup it is very, very magnetic and outside the cup nearly nothing. Professional geologists are saying this is impossible because if a stone has metal particles inside the stone, it must be same magnetic from both sides.

Another very strange finding from the same place is one big jade cup and twelve little jade cups. As the twelve cups are man-made, and each one is a little bit different in size, if you fill them up perfectly with water and you put the twelve cups of water inside the big cup, the big cup is completely filled. The next strange thing is that you can see on the little cups numbers which are looking like the Mayan numbers, but if you compare them with the Mayan numbers, you find out that there are some little differences.

Here you have a close-up of the big cup and you can see a perfect inlay of star constellations and they are shining very brightly if you put black light on it.

Project Avalon – Klaus Dona : The Hidden History of the Human Race – February 2010


This was once a hard-formed brown stone, changing the colour in the centre of the stone into black, wh...

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