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Story Transcript

From Zulu King to Canadian Big Cat!

‘Kosovo Cat’ Maple Leaf conversion of the Leopard C1 MEXAS

Knocked out T-62

1/35 Trumpeter T-62 Mod 1972 ‘relic of war’

World EXPO 2017

1/48 Tank Destroyer

400 entrants providing an impressive 1,800 entries

Building Tamiya’s Panzerjager 38(t) Marder III kit 15th September 2017




wide-ranging content, tips and product reviews

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Features 10 Kosovo Cat

Michael Shackleton presents the Maple Leaf Models’ conversion of the Leopard C1 MEXAS


18 22

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18 Smoked T-62

Wouter Vrints gives a Trumpeter T-62 Mod 1972 the ‘relic of war’ treatment

22 Scratch built Sherman (Part 2)

Keith Sharples concludes his scratch built 1/35 Allied WW2 Sherman M4 A3 105mm Howitzer



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28 Shi-Ke (‘Sycamore’)

Pit-Road’s 1/35 scale Type 98 4 ton Prime Mover (Tractor) by Mike Williams

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32 Tank Destroyer!

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Part 3 – Counties L to S by Ray Westlake

Tamiya 1/48 Panzerjager 38(t) ‘Marder III’ by Toby Knight

38 The Engineer Volunteers of 1859-1908 42 ‘Mpande’

Sculpting the Zulu King Mpande kaSenzangakhona by Dr. Victor Wong



Vol.47 No.10 2017 44

Stand Easy...


48 44 The art and craft of military modelling – Part 2 ‘Tools & Equipment’

Everything you need to know about modelling but didn’t know who to ask continues with Mike Bunn

48 Tankfest 2017

Celebrating 100 years of the Tank by Jon Mordecai - Sheffield MAFVA


56 52 It is all about weathering

Ivan Cocker reminds us to open our eyes and challenge our creative side a little more

56 World EXPO 2017 By Steve Andreano

Regular Features 5 ‘Stand Easy’ A message from the Contributing Editor 60 On Parade Recommended books for military modellers 62 Atten-Shun! Products review section 72 Next Issue What’s coming up in your favourite modelling magazine!

Cover Story... MAIN IMAGE: 1/35 Leopard C1 MEXAS by Michael Shackleton LEFT INSET: Trumpeter T-62 Mod 1972 by Wouter Vrints

elcome to Military Modelling Magazine, Volume 47, Number 10, which, more by accident than design, contains the most articles so far during my tenure. It is at times like this that I wish I had at least 30 more pages to play with which would, I’m sure, worry the competition no end and secure the future of this great modelling magazine. The sales figures that are presented to me every month always fascinate me and I can report that we seem to be holding our own and according to one cross sector analysis we are currently the only magazine in our sector not in negative figures; we are up 0.9% don’t all whoop at once! So, what have we shoe-horned in this month? There are no less than eleven articles to choose from beginning with a Canadian Leopard by Michael Shackleton then Wouter Vrints operates outside of his comfort zone with a wrecked T-62. Keith Sharples finishes off his scratch-built Sherman; an article which is designed to encourage you to take up scratch building and to learn from some of the techniques he has applied to this project rather than focussing on the actual subject. The interesting little Shi-Ke tractor and Toby Knight’s Marder III follow and Ray Westlake continues his series about the 19th and early 20th Century engineers. A larger than life Zulu king is our figure of the month and Mike Bunn takes us back to modelling basics; this time looking at tools. There are two show reports; one on Tank Fest and one covering World Expo 2017 which sandwiches another thought provoking article by Ivan Cocker about weathering; inspiration really is all around us! Please feel free to contact me on the e-mail below if you have an idea for an article or a constructive comment to make. Also, don’t forget www.militarymodelling. com, the magazine’s own popular website, which has a vibrant forum covering every conceivable modelling subject. ‘Carry On!’

Martyn Chorlton Contributing Editor [email protected]

CENTRE INSET: Tamiya Marder III by Toby Knight RIGHT INSET: Peleliu diorama by Dan Capuano at World Expo 2017


TD 7043.Sd. Kfz.171 Panzer V ‘Panther ‘A/D/G Dmitry Mironov 20 pages 15 pages A4 model making plans masking foils. 9 colour profiles Insert A2 (scale 1:32) £17.99

Red Machines 1. T-60 Small Tanks & Variants. Red Machines will be entirely devoted to the hardware of the Red Army. indepth information, much of it entirely new to the western world, as well as a large number of photos. Hardback, 176 pages £29.99

British Battle Tanks. This book is the second of a multi-volume history of British tanks by renowned British armour expert David Fletcher MBE. It covers the development and use of the Matilda, Crusader, and Valentine tanks, the much-improved Churchill and the excellent Cromwell tank of 1944-45. Hardback,280 pages £25.00

Danish Leopard 2A5DK and QRF. Danish Leopard 2A5DK and QRF Our Latest Model Foto Focus book is a bumper 134 pages (nearly 500 photos) giving the reader a thorough exploration of the exterior of Denmark’s main battle tank. £23.50

M1A2 Main Battle Tank Volume 2 In Detail. The Weathering Magazine This is the second volume on the M1A2. Panzer DNA. 20.Camouflage. Expanded to 148 pages of full color The subject of this book is very complex. photos on the Army’s M1A2. £33.99 The latest issue of TWMagazine is entirely Authors of “Panzer DNA” have collected devoted to the critical subject of military a lot of German official documents, camouflage. This is where the painting reports, post war interpretations, of all models begins. Various examples Allied examined hundreds of photos to offer of camouflage patterns used not only on to the readers a simple but complete tanks, trains, ships, uniforms, but also on guide. Hard cover. science fiction subjects. £8.99 139 pages and more than 150 high quality pictures. £21.99

Airbrushing and Weathering Techniques. Nearly twenty years working with Vallejo acrylic colors and auxiliary products and is meant to be used as a guide and reference. £22.99

NVG 249.Railway Guns of World War 1. This book details the design and development of railway guns during World War I from the very first basic designs to massive purpose built “monster” railway guns. Paperback,48 pages, Black/White photos, colour profiles £10.99

Nuts and Bolts 38. Jagdpanzer IV Part 2: L/70 (Vomag & Alkett) (Sd. Kfz. 162/1). 208 pages ,A4,approx. 393 photos, of these 160 contemporary photos from manuals, combat and war fronts in b/w, most previously unpublished; 214 colour photos of restored vehicles and their components in public and private collections, 19 colour photos of three models from T. Greenland. £25.15

12058.U.S Half-Track in Action. This 80-page volume includes Forgotten Archives 2. coverage of the vehicles produced Builds on Forgotten Archives 1. by Auto car, Diamond T and White Signifi cantly more input from surviving for use by US forces, as well as the Signal Corps photographers and their similar International Harvester-built families, who show their photographs vehicles supplied to our allies through here for the first time since World Lend-Lease. 200 vintage photos, as War 2. 240 pages, 252 high quality well as line drawings and color profiles. photographs of US and German fighting £14.99 vehicles, complemented by 8 pages of specially commissioned colour artworks by Felipe Rodna. £34.99

Foto File 1. Krupp Protze and Variants. Foto File #1 is on the Krupp Protze, the 6-wheeled truck used extensively by German forces in World War II.. Paperback,46 pages.£17.99

Abrams Squad Commander’s Edition. The Modern Modelling Magazine Damaged, Weathered & Worn. is the FIRST and...

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