Model Military International - Issue 116 (December 2015)

Issue 116 December 2015 THINK TANK PANTHERBY BRUCE CULVER Issue 116 December 2015 - pdf za darmo

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■ All the information you’ll ever need to create the best military models... ■




Issue 116 December 2015




Part Two – Painting and Weathering

Academy’s South Korean 1:35


RBT-5 1:35 scratch-built conversion

1:35 Mittlerer Einheits ■ 1:35 M4A3E8 Easy Eight Sherman ■ 1:35 Tauchpanzer III ■ 1:35 Bergepanther Gallery ■ and more...

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December 2015 / £4.50 / Issue 116

15/10/2015 14:06

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12/10/2015 09:56

Contents - Issue 116 December 2015 16


What’s new in the world of military modelling

p 56 BOOKS

New model-related titles


News of models and figures, 1:72 scale and smaller


News on accessories, tools and finishing products

p 60 1:48 SCALE

Luke Pitt explores 1:48 scale military models, figures and accessories


Late breaking news and ramblings from the Editor


Panther Part Two by Bruce Culver


Dragon 1:35 Panzer III Ausf. M with Schurzen by Graham Tetley


Italeri 1:35 Bergepanther

p 18 IS THAT AN ABRAMS? Academy 1:35 K1A1 by Sean Lynch



Bronco 1:35 Mittlerer Einheits by Luke Pitt


©ADH Publishing Ltd 2015

1:35 Scratch Built Conversion by Kamil Feliks Sztarbala

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ISSN 1749-8864


AFV Club + Inside the Armour 1:35 Churchill Oke by Brett Green




Dragon 1:35 Tauchpanzer III by Graham Tetley

December 2015 - Model Military International 3

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16/10/2015 09:30

Newsline - December’15


Tamiya will be releasing an all-new 1:35 scale M4A3E8 variant of the legendary Sherman medium tank. The M4A3E8 was known fondly as the “Easy Eight” by its crews, thanks to the relatively smooth drive afforded by its Horizontal Volute Spring Suspension (HVSS). Another distinguishing feature was its 76mm gun. Some of the 2,500 examples produced were in time to appear in the Battle of the Bulge (Dec. 1944-Jan. 1945), and others served in the Korean War years after the Allied WWII triumph. Movie buffs will no doubt also recall that the "Easy Eight" was the star of the 2014 hit film "Fury." The model is totally new and will feature Tamiya’s usual combination of hassle-free assembly, convincing surface texture and good detail. Full-length flexible tracks will be included, as will a Commander figure. We’ll have more news about this exciting release in the next issue of Model Military International magazine. Thanks to Tamiya for the information and images

NEW 1:24 Carrier Maintenance Tracked FV434 (REME) FROM KFS Kit Form Service has announced the release of a 1:24 Carrier Maintenance Tracked FV434 (REME). This detailed model is based on their FV432 chassis and is fully detailed inside and out. The model features the same lift-out K60 pack feature as the KFS FV432 APC & with a fully operating HIAB crane, opening rear boot, hollow stowage bins, folding walkway panels, folding rear work bench & vice, optional extra front stowage bin, & a full compliment of pioneer tools, gun planks & jerry cans. The crew compartment is fully detailed with the additional crew seats, revised NBC kit, crane hydraulic tank & slewing rams. The individual track links are this time produced in resin rather than white metal for easier assembly. The parts count is virtually identical to the FV432 having 289 in resin & 148 in white metal plus 3 brass etch frets, pre coloured lights, beacon & crane hydraulic piping. • Length; 240mm, Width; 125mm, Height; 120mm overall. Release date 2nd October 2015 • £260.00 GBP (UK) or £216.66 GBP (Export) Available now from Kit Form Service website

MMI Newsdesk, ADH Publishing, Doolittle Mill, Doolittle Lane, Totternhoe, Bedfordshire, LU6 1QX, UK Tel:01525 222573 Fax:01525 222574 Email:[email protected]

CHURCHILL MKI/II DIEPPE CONVERSION WITH BLOWN WATERPROOFING AND SAD NEWS FROM INSIDE THE ARMOUR This new 1:35 set for the AFV Club Dieppe Churchill (AFV35176) will convert your AFV Club Churchill to either a Mk.I or a Mk.II Churchill as seen at the raid complete with the evidence of blown waterproofing on the turret and hull. Tanks on the Dieppe Raid were sealed with surplus barrage balloon fabric, sealed with Bostik paste and used det cord to blow the waterproofing off when they landed. This was not wholly successful at Dieppe and evidence of fabric still attached can be seen in after-action German photographs, and we have faithfully replicated it in this set. The set includes 3 turned barrels, optional Mk.I or Mk.II parts, 27 resin parts, over 100 photo-etched parts and lots of extra detail for your build in addition to the conversion items. This set is strictly limited edition, limited to just 100 sets, and will be discontinued when all 100 are sold. The set is available now at We were also sad to learn that Chris Meddings will be closing Inside the Armour at the end of 2015. He has issued the following statement: “It is with some sadness that after five and a half years of trading, I have decided to close Inside the Armour permanently as of December 31st. Although successful, and highly enjoyable, it has got to a point where the return no longer matches the effort and time involved in running an aftermarket business Consequently the shows of Autumn 2015 will be our last and we will close to new business at the close of the year. All outstanding orders will be fulfilled and the business will remain contactable for ongoing customer service such as parts replacement as part of our long-term commitment to our valued and loyal customers. Although we will no longer make or sell kits, Inside the Armour Publications will continue in books and related items. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has supported Inside the Armour over the years and to especially thank Marcus and Brett for their valued and sustained support in TMMI and Model Military International magazines. To our customers... It has been a privilege to work for you. Thank you.” If you want any Inside the Armour accessories or conversions, get in while you can! Thanks to Chris at Inside the Armour for the information and images:

4 Model Military International - December 2015

p 04 News 116B.indd 4

15/10/2015 14:06

Bastogne December 1944 Diorama set scale 1:72 N° 6113

The Diorama set includes:

1 M4A3 Sherman 76 mm 1 M4A3E2 Sherman “Jumbo” 24 German infantry Winter uniform 1 Pz. Kpfw. VI Tiger I 36 American infantry Winter uniform 1 Wrecked house

6529 M4A3E8 Sherman “Fury”

1 Walls and ruins 1 Battlefield Accessories 1 German Pak 40 AT Gun with crew 1 8.8 cm Flak 37 AA Gun


7402 Triumph

Collect the Italeri - World of Tanks Model Kit Line

from the online videogame phenomenon with tank guide, in-game bonus code and decals!


1:35 SCALE

World of Tanks Model Kit Line:

36501 Ferdinand 36502 Pz. Kpfw. VI Tiger 36503 M4 Sherman 36504 M24 Chaffee 36506 Pz. Kpfw. V Panther 36507 Leopard 1 36508 Type 59 36509 T-34/85 36505 Diorama Set Photo-etched fret

Italeri S.p.A.- via Pradazzo, 6/b 40012 - Calderara di Reno - Bologna - Italy - Phone +39 051 31 75 211 - email: [email protected]

Think Tank - The German Panther Tank – Part Two

Seen here are two of the first 12 Bergepanthers built by MAN and delivered in June 1943. They were converted from Panther Ausf. D tanks by deleting the turrets and covering the turret rings with wooden decking, but they did not have winches.

The German Panther Tank A


Part Two

Bruce Culver concludes his short series on the Panther Tank, covering the Bergepanther, Panther Ausf. G, the Panther Ausf. F and Schmalturm turret, the Jagdpanther tank destroyer and Panzerstellung fixed bunkers.


ven before the Panther tank entered production, the Germans had looked at the problems involved in recovering the heavy tanks that were being developed. The first attempt at a dedicated recovery vehicle was the design based on the chassis of the VK 3601, fitted with a 40-tonne winch and renamed the VKz 3501. They were intended to recover Tiger tanks that had broken down or become stuck in soft ground, as a number of them did. Famo was supposed to build the winches, and five vehicles were planned to be completed. However, there is no record that they were ever completed, issued for service or delivered to any Tiger units. Thus, early Tiger abteilungen had to depend in the Famo Sd.Kfz. 9 18-tonne halftrack artillery tractor. Up to three of these massive vehicles were sometimes required to retrieve a Tiger bogged down in soft ground, and usually at least two were needed to tow a disabled Tiger.

BERGEPANTHER In March 1943, General Heinz Guderian as Generalinspekteur der Panzertruppen ordered that 4% of Panther production plus 3 vehicles from each month’s production total were to be completed as Panzerbergegeraet for the Panther abteilungen. MAN was given the contract to design the definitive Panther recovery vehicle, and the initial design layout was completed by June 1943. MAN’s design featured a 40-tonne winch which laid cable over the engine deck, a built-up superstructure around the opening for t...

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