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Tamiya’s 1:35 IS-3

Issue 128 December 2016

R zerIVIVASteUp bySSteF.p G PAiyaN’sZE 1:35 Pan Tam

Takom’s 1:35 Mark I Tank



1:35 Tunisian Tiger Initial ■ 1:35 M60A2 ■ 1:35 M4 Sherman ■ Show Report – Saumur 2016 ■ and more...

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December 2016 / £4.50 / Issue 128

12/10/2016 10:53

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Contents - Issue 128 December 2016 REGULARS


p 4 NEWS

What’s new in the world of military modelling.

p 54 BOOKS

Reviews of the latest historical and modelling publications.


News and releases in 1:72 scale and smaller.


Figure and bust reviews.


The latest releases of accessories, tools and materials.


p 60 1:48 SCALE

Luke Pitt explores 1:48 scale military models, figures and accessories.


Italeri 1:35 Load Handling System M1120 HEMTT.


Mark I Tank by Dan Moore.


Dragon 1:35 Tunisian Tiger.


Dragon 1:35 ISU-122.



Takom Mk.I Female by Dan Moore.


Tamiya 1:35 IS-3 by Pawel Rzymski.

p 32 IS-3 CLOSE-UP by Zack Sex.

p 38 TALES FROM THE CRYPT Tamiya 1:48 Sd.Kfz.251.


Tamiya 1:35 Panzer IV by Jim Turner.



Asuka 1:35 M4 Sherman.


Saumur 2016 by Pawel Rzymski.

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December 2016 - Model Military International 3

13/10/2016 10:44

Newsline - December 2016 BRAND NEW TAMIYA 1:35 M40 SPG


amiya has announced a forthcoming 1:35 scale model of the M40, a brand new subject for the Military Miniature Series. Only the suspension parts from Item 35346 are reused. The M40 was a significant step in U.S. Army artillery mechanization, pairing the M1 155mm gun with the proven M4 Sherman chassis. Armour was light given its intended use as a long range weapon (they were effective up to 23.5km) away from the front line, while the layout was changed from the M4 to allow a big fighting compartment at the rear to accomodate the big gun. It was fitted with smooth horizontal volute spring suspension (HVSS). Over 400 were produced before the end of WWII; although they never fought in the conflict, one example of their T83 prototype did. The M40 served in the Korean War, and was eventually replaced by the M53. About the Model: • This is a 1:35 scale plastic model assembly kit. Length: 305mm, width: 91mm. • Tamiya designers studied an M40 at the U.S. Army Field Artillery Museum in Fort Sill, Oklahoma for this highly accurate recreation. • Realistic surface textures include cast differential cover and hull side steel plate. • The big 155mm gun is recreated with aplomb:

MMI Newsdesk, Doolittle Mill, Doolittle Lane, Totternhoe, Bedfordshire, LU6 1QX, UK Tel:01525 222573 Fax:01525 222574 Email:[email protected]

where possible, the construction method of the actual weapon is copied. Depictions of hydraulic dampers include metal outer tubes for a super-realistic finish. • The rear gate can be assembled up or down (when the gun was red it was usually down, and the crew on it or outside).

• Individual pulley parts are included. We will have more information about this exciting release in the next issue of MMI. Thanks to Tamiya for the information and images Tamiya kits are distributed in the UK by The Hobby Company Limited

DRAGON 1:35 HETZER WITH 15cm s.IG.33/2 HOWITZER BRONCO 1:35 RUSSIAN ZIL-131 TRUCK The ZIL-131 commenced mass production in 1967. It was planned to be a second-generation upgrade to the WWII ZIL-157, Production of an improved ZIL131N started in 1986. In addition, a variety of panel vans, half-track and fire engines have also been based on this chassis, including a missile transportation type. It has also been used as one the BM-14 and BM-21 series of self-propelled rockets. Bronco has now released kit number CB35193, a 1:35 scale Russian Zil-131 Truck (Early Version) with winch. We will have more news of this release in a coming issue of MMI. Thanks to Bronco for the information and images http://

Dragon’s 1:35 scale Hetzer family is being expanded with a number of new kits. The latest is the 15cm s.IG.33/2 (Sf) auf Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer, which was a tracked infantry support vehicle. The gun mounted on a Hetzer chassis was the well-known 15cm s.IG.33/2 howitzer, Germany’s standard heavy infantry gun throughout WWII. Czech manufacturer BMM converted six vehicles and built an additional 24 based on the Bergepanzer 38(t) recovery vehicle from December 1944 onwards. This vehicle featured a raised superstructure, while the mount and shield for the s.IG.33/2 was the same as that used on a self-propelled howitzer based on the Pz.Kpfw.38(t) chassis. This new 1:35 scale kit required numerous new parts to pull off a realistic depiction of this vehicle. The kit has a brand new upper hull, superstructure, fighting compartment, idler wheel, storage bin and associated interior detail such as ammunition racks. Furthermore, two options are available to fit out the aft of the fighting compartment. At the rear is a new exhaust and muffler, which comes with a photo-etched guard. This self-propelled howitzer has hitherto never been available in plastic, so Dragon’s creation makes yet another Hetzer variant readily obtainable by all. This kit also features brand new NEO Tracks Plastic injection "NEO Tracks" w/pre-moulded lengths result in convenient assembly from minimum number of pieces but with full detail! As well as the regular Hetzer tank destroyer already offered by Dragon, modellers can now add this support vehicle with heavy 15cm gun to their collections.

4 Model Military International - December 2016

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13/10/2016 10:46



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Tiger A Modern study of Fgst.NR. 250031 A complete photo study of the Aberdeen 712 Tiger tank

Available direct from our offices on

+44 (0)1525 222573 or online at: p 05 ADs Collated 128.indd 8

Includes: ■ a full exterior walk-around, ■ a complete documentation of the interior ■ a detailed study of the engine compartment. ■ a history of the vehicle from capture to present date ■ a veteran interview with the driver of Maj. Leuder ■ a history of the vehicle from capture to present date ■ a technical article by Liejon Schoot and Rob Veenendaal on the Vorpanzer design


13/10/2016 10:43

Think Tank - Genesis of the Mk.I Tank Mark I tank “C19”, “Clan Leslie” with grenade screens and rear steering wheel device photographed in 1916.

GENESIS OF THE MK.I TANK Dan Moore discusses the development and baptism of fire of the Mk.I tank.


he British MK I Tank was born out of a need to somehow break the static stalemate that was the Western Front in WWI. The two vast opposing Allied and Axis armies were narrowly separated by a system of trenches and fortifications and warfare had generally stagnated into a war of attrition and defence. A Lieutenant-Colonel of the British army, Ernest Swinton had witnessed first-hand from time spent in France just how costly infantry attacks had been against well defended and heavily armed defenders. One of the most dangerous opponents to the infantry was from barbed wire emplacements cunningly devised

to funnel attackers into enfilading kill zones. From his engineering background Swinton envisaged a tracked, armoured vehicle that could traverse the rugged and sometimes muddied battlefield, crush the barbed wire, and mop up any remaining defence. Through his contacts at Whitehall, Swinton’s idea was passed onto the First Lord of the Admiralty, Winston Churchill. Churchill’s enthusiasm and backing led to a trial of several prototypes from a design team that featured two men soon to be remembered as the creators of the first-ever tank, William Tritton and Walter Wilson. The trials led successfully to the creation of the MK.I’s

Mark IV tank in action during 1917.

6 Model Military International - December 2016

p 06-09 MarkIMale TT 128B.indd 6

13/10/2016 10:47

A Mark I tank during training at Elveden, Suffolk, 1916.

predecessors, “Little Willy” and “Big Willy”, otherwise known as “Mother”. After the trials had proven the tank was viable, the Army Council placed an immediate order for 100 machines (later extended to 150), half of which were to be “Male” featuring two 6 pdr cannons mounted in side sponsons, with the remainder to be “Female”, featuring two Vickers 303” machine guns mounted in each of the side sponsons. Both versions also had Hotchkiss machine guns as supplementary firepower. The latter Female Mk.I specification is the subject of this build.

using the newest weapon in the British Army’s inventory, the newly formed tank companies. To give the Mk.I’s their first taste of combat it was decided to use them in an attack in the Flers-Courcelette region on the 15th of September 1916. This of course would go down in history

as the first ever use of the tank in combat. Due to the lack o...

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