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My Best Friend’s Dad A Single Dad and Virgin Romance

by Amy Brent

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Chapter 1


Graduation day had gone off without a hitch, but the night after would be what changed the course of my life. I had always noticed my best friend’s father was a handsome man, but not until then did I see just how sexy he truly was. Lila and I had been best friends with since our freshman year when I’d moved in with my grandmother just after losing my mother to a horrible addiction. We went out after our ceremony to celebrate our freedom and hopefully find a good time. My goal had been to sleep with Champ Cummings, the high school football star, but he’d been so busy throwing back beers and sucking

funnels to worry about getting laid. Lila had spent the night throwing back shots and dancing on tables, and by midnight I could tell she needed an intervention. “Come on; let’s get you home.” I reached up and offered her a hand after she’d stumbled on the wobbly patio table. “You’re going to break your neck.” “Sh. Don’t jinx me!” She threw her head back and laughed, and for a moment I thought she would fight me. I wasn’t in any kind of mood for an argument, especially with drunk Lila. Drunk Lila was impossible to deal with and didn’t know why anyone would want to dull her shine. “Come on; I’m bored with this. Let’s go.” It had been the same old scene for months, and I didn’t know why I’d expected anything to change just because the school’s super-intendant had handed me a piece of paper and shaken my hand.

“Fine,” she said in a reasonable tone, which had me suspicious. I helped her down before she had too much time to change her mind and as soon as she righted with both feet on the pavers, she leaned over and puked in a plant. I let loose a sigh and crinkled my nose as I waited for her to finish. She’d worn her hair up, so my job was easier than usual. It sucked being the only sober person at the party, but since I didn’t care much for drinking, I’d promised to take care of Lila yet again. We’d spent the better part of our senior year doing the same thing every weekend, and I had our routine down perfectly. I helped her to the car, and by the time I drove us to her gate, she was passed out. I had punched in the passcode hoping that her father hadn’t changed it again. He’d done that before and caught us when the alarm finally sounded from failed attempts. I made sure to enter the numbers correctly and help

my breath, not releasing until the gate opened up. Their mansion was so big, that even though I’d been there many times before, I’d never seen the entire house. Lila and I had kept to our usual path to the third floor, and her father’s wing was in the second. I took the back stairs and roused her enough to get her up to bed and luckily, I didn’t have to carry her. “Did you have any fun at all?” she asked as I pulled back her covers and she stripped off her clothes. “No, Champ is an idiot, and I’ll be a virgin forever. What was I thinking? He’s a total loser, and once he blows out a knee, he won’t have a brain to fall back on. He’s already had two concussions.” I rambled on as she dressed and crawled into bed, burying down in the fluffy white comforter. “You’ll find someone, Gemma, and when it happens, it will be amazing, not some backseat romp with a sweaty jerk.” She’s never approved of

Champ, but since he was the most popular guy in school, I had set my sights on him. She’d lost her virginity at the first of the school year, and though she’d had a nice relationship with the boy for several months after, they’d only done it a few more times. Maybe I was just trying to catch up. It wasn’t like I hadn’t had other guys interested, but I had wanted that moment to be perfect. “Yeah, I think I should stop trying. Maybe if I give up, it will hap— The soft purr of her snoring made me feel lonely, and I sat in her room for a while after changing into my night clothes feeling restless. My tummy growled, and my throat was dry because it had been hours since I’d had anything to eat or drink. The party didn’t have food, and the only drinks had been alcoholic, so I decided to go down to the kitchen and grab a snack knowing Lila had told me many times to make myself at home. Voices downstairs made me take a pause on the

second-floor landing, and I ducked down behind the banister when I saw Mr. Porter with a woman I recognized as his newly hired cook. She sat between his legs with her back to him, and his strong hands massaged her shoulders. They were whispering so low, that I couldn’t make out what they were saying, but now and then he’d give a soft chuckle, and she’d giggle. He leaned down and kissed the woman’s neck and from what I could tell, from my near overhead view, he reached around to her front with one hand and slipped it beneath her shirt. Earlier that day, Lila had told me how much she disliked the woman and that she felt she’d only wanted the job to hit on her father. She was very picky about the women her father saw, and I wondered how she’d feel to know that he was with the woman who had served us our waffles that morning. My stomach growled, and I put a hand to my stomach as I sat on my bottom wishing I could make it to the kitchen. I tried to think if there was

another route, but the only way was passed Mr. Porter who was now cupping the woman’s breasts and kissing her. I couldn’t peel my eyes away, and warm tingle bloomed between my legs as she turned around and from what I could see, she rubbed his crotch. He eased back, and she undid his belt, and before long, I could see his impressive cock. It was huge compared to Champ’s who’d been the recipient of three different blow jobs, and my mouth watered as the cook took him into her mouth. They were an attractive couple, and I couldn’t help but be turned on as she worked her mouth on him, her head bobbing up and down in his lap. She was a petite blonde, and Mr. Porter, who I’d always thought was the hottest dad living, was tall, dark, and handsome, with chiseled features and a winning smile. He was also a very successful businessman, and from what I’d been told, his fortune was worth billions.

We got along okay, and because I was around so much, I’d become like another member of the family. He’d often praised my sketches when he’d see me doodling, and had just that morning told me what a talented girl I was. The truth was, his encouragement and praise are the reason I had made plans to go to art school for design and one day I hoped to work for him. I was fortunate to know them. Even though my grandmother’s money was nothing to sneeze at, the only reason I’d met Lila and became friends was that she’d insisted on going to public school. She’d already gotten in trouble at the last private school she’d attended. Being a single dad, her father usually gave her whatever she wanted and so I came and went as she pleased. Things below were heating up, downstairs and in my panties. I couldn’t help but rub my knees together, and soon I decided that I had to touch it. I cupped my mound and moved my hips, hoping to ease the ache, but then all of a sudden, the two

stood up, and he took her hand and led her to the stairs. They were coming up! As they paused to kiss, I darted down the unfamiliar hall and into the first room I came to assume it was her father’s office, but then I turned around and realized that I’d gone to the wrong door. This was his bedroom. I heard them approaching, their voices getting louder and so I ducked into the closet leaving the door open just enough to see what was going on and praying I wouldn’t be caught. The two walked in, and he shut the door as she took off her clothes. She had the hottest body ever, and I wished my own was as filled out. She also had on the sexiest bra and panties set, and I made up my mind then and there that I would never wear cotton panties again. Mine was soaked and getting wetter by the minute as Mr. Porter slipped off his shirt and then undid his pants and let them drop. Holy mother. He was gorgeous. I knew he spent a

lot of time in the gym, but damn; he was in better shape than most of the boys at school, and his body was more developed and mature. As he took her to the bed and she lay back, spreading her legs wide for him, I covered my mouth. My panting had grown loud, and it was then I decided I had to rub my pussy. I slipped my hand down inside my panties and stroked the tender bud as he put his hand her to hers and she moaned. Then he centered his cock at her entrance and pushed his hip, burying deep inside her. It was then that I realized he was what I needed. Not some boy, but a man like Mr. Porter. It was all I could do not to make a sound, especially when the woman came and my release followed. I pulled my lips in tight and covered my mouth as my slender fing...

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