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Voted as the model/er's favourite magazine by IPMS(UK)







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Plus reviews of the latest kits, decals, books and accessories


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No. 59 in the Warpaint series THE Lockheed Hudson was part of the 1939 deal with America that Britain needed in order to bolster the maritime surveillance defences so essential to the country's survival during time of war. Originly 200 were ordered bwt this grew to five times that number by the end of World War 2. In addition Australia, New Zealand and Canada received Hudsons in quantity and even the US Navy had an anti-submarine Group which was equipped with the type. After the United States entered the war the Hudson was adopted as a navigation trainer and gunnery trainer by the USAAF as the A-29 and over 300 were built some of which were given under Lease-Lend to Brazil. The Hudson had a magnificent war record which has hardly ever been emphasised in contemporary literature. They sank a large number of U-boats and even accepted the surrender of one which had been -forced to the surface after being attecked with depth charges. All of these facts are graphically described by author Alar:l W.Hali in this 42-page book which is full of colour and black and wl


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Editorial Comment A privileged position Editing a magazine about scale aircraft modelling, as with all jobs, has its fair share of ups and downs. Among the ups - and this is something that readers very often ask me about - is seeing all those lovely review kits, often some weeks before they reach the model shop shelves. One of the major downs is having to give them all away to SAM's eager team of reviewers. If I reviewed more than the one or two a year that I tackle, the Kit Reviews section of Marketplace would amount to a 200-word occasional column! The major up is when something astounding comes about. This happened recently when a lady e-mailed the office to see if SAM might be interested in publishing some of her father's photographs. The scans that she enclosed were good enough to arouse my interest; it's not often that previously unseen images of Sea Hornets and Panthers emerge from the ether. We corresponded and she sent the set in. They were very nice indeed and definitely the makings of an interesting photo-feature. Then I started looking more carefully. The photographs were taken on and around HMS Perseus, that much I knew. Researching the ship revealed that it had been a key player in early steam catapult trials and that the photographs tied in exactly with that period. The resulting feature now records a key moment in post-war military aviation and one of the major developments in the history of naval aviation. I am utterly privileged to be able to bring them to you.

Contents The In Tray T. E. Bell, Paul E. Eden, Ernie Lee and Mike McEvoy take a first look at the latest releases, with additional material supplied by Hannants


Aircraft in Profile: The 'new' Luftwaffe at 50 Thomas Newdick recounts the history of the 'new' Luftwaffe in its 50th anniversary year, while David Howley provides colour artwork


Pacific Fleet Avenger Mk III: Part 1 Tony O'Toole converts Trumpeter's 1:32 scale TBM-3 Avenger into a Fleet Air Arm Mk III


Modelling Masterclass: Part 15: External details In the fifteenth installment of this important monthly series, Vic Scheuerman continues his back-to-basics look at scale aircraft modelling


Events Calendar SAM's monthly diary of modelling-related events worldwide


SAM plans: Avro Ans'on Mk I Peter Green draws 1:48 scale plans


CT-4 Airtrainer: Building a 'Plastic Parrot' Julian R. B. Edwards made the acquaintance of the PAC Airtrainer at the Warbirds Over Wanaka show earlier in the year. Inspired by what he saw, he tackled the Kiwi Resin Models kit to produce a colourful replica


680 A camera aboard HMS Perseus In this Scale Aircraft Modelling exclusive we present a selection of photographs taken aboard HMS Perseus as it performed steam catapult trials in the early 1950s

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Also at Pearl Harbor. .. Sikorsky JRS-1 684 To mark the 65th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the Editor asked some regular contributors to see what could be done to recreate some of the less well known aircraft types involved in the action. Alistair McLean tackled Sword's JRS-1 amphibian Occasional Colours: Indo-Pakistan air war Thirty-five years ago, in December 1971, India and Pakistan entered into bitter conflict. Mark Rolfe commemorates this war, and previous clashes between the countries, with a special artwork feature


Market Place - reviews 688 Sixteen pages of the latest kits, books, decals and accessories - reviewed by enthusiast modellers Tailpiece Mike McEvoy trespasses on others' territory


Front cover: Main picture: The F-4F Phantom has been the backbone of the Luftwaffe for the past two decades. It will continue to serve for some time yet, as EF2000 works up to its full potential. (Luftwaffe); Inset left: Tony O'Toole's remarkable allblue Avenger Mk III was converted from Trumpeter's 1:32 TBM-3 kit. (Tony O'Toole); Inset right: Julian R. B. Edwards built Kiwi Resin Models' CT-4 Airtrainer into a delightful little model, but not before tackling some serious problems along the way. (Julian R. B. Edwards) Features planned for next month include: Aircraft in Profile: In the third of a four-part series, Adrian M. Balch relates the history of US Army, Navy and Marine Corps aerobatic teams, while David Howley provides colour artwork Plus: Type Evolution: Hawker Hunter; Michael Ullmann builds Hasegawa's 1:48 scale TF-104G in Luftwaffe colours; Tony O'Toole explains how he finished his conversion of Trumpeter's 1:32 scale TBM-3 Avenger to represent an Avenger Mk III of the British Pacific Fleet; Mark Rolfe illustrates the first of two features on the People's Liberation Army Air Force; and much more

Scale Aircraft Modelling - December 2006

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MRC has announced the release of Academy's 1:48 scale CH-46A/D 'U.S. Marines-Vietnam' kit in the US, with an MSRP of US$55.00.


dlmo'ilel Amodel has released a 1:144 scale C-8A Buffalo at £10.25. To 1:72 scale the company has Avro 504K/U-1 (£7.35), de Havilland DH.60G (ex-FROG, £5.65), L...

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