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November 2014 • £4.50 Volume 36 • Issue 09 www.scaleaircraftmodelling.com More Models, More Tips & Mo - pdf za darmo

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More Models, More Tips & More Techniques November 2014 • £4.50 Volume 36 • Issue 09


Vought F7U Cutlass Plans & Profiles

Fisher Models’ 1:32nd Cutlass Weighs In…

Supermarine Squint-fire

Cold War Watcher

Blink and You’ll Miss It

Airfix Strikes Again

Eduard 1:144th Spitfire Mk IXe

Airfix 1:72nd Lightning F.2A

Thirsty Work

GWH 1:144th Vulcan K2

Gettin’ Tanked up

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Military & Civil Aviation – Military Weapons & Equipment – Naval Vessels

Zeppelins at War! 1914-1915 R Rimmell This Zeppelin special covers the earliest of the wartime Zeppelins including three preWWI civilian vessels pressed into military service. B&W photos, illustrations and pull-out section. SB 76pp £26.00

Les Hydravions de la Luftwaffe Vol.3 J Roba French text/English photo captions. Focuses on the Dornier 24, Arado 199; Blohm & Voss 238; Heinkel 42 plus many more. Lavishly illustrated. HB 420pp £60.00

Rochev & Doher M109A1/A2 Rochev and Doher in IDF Service M Mass Colour photo album containing an extensive collection of colour photos of the Rochev and Doher self-propelled guns used by the IDF. SB 82pp £24.99

Blueprint for Victory : Britain’s First World War Blitzkrieg Air Force G Baughen The author has used archive material to offer a different picture of how air power developed in Britain before and during WWI. HB 254pp £20.00

Alouette III sous L’uniforme P Gaubert Covers the history of the Alouette III which served not only a military role but a civilian one too and was involved in missions across the globe. The book focuses on all domestic Alouette. HB 332pp £50.00

The War Archives DDay Allied Vehicles, Aircraft & Equipment P Ware A reference of archive photos and contemporary drawings, this publication looks at allied vehicles, aircraft and equipment of D-Day. SB 94pp £7.95

Three Wings For The Red Baron. Von Richthofen, Strategy, Tactics And Airplanes L Bennett This book explores the career of Manfred von Richthofen, top fighter pilot in the German Luftwaffe during the First World War. HB 235pp £25.00

Malloch’s Spitfire The Story and Restoration of PK350 N Meikle The story of Malloch’s dream to restore this late mark Spitfire F Mk22 to full flying status with the help from the Rhodesian and South African forces. SB 242pp £11.99

The Samurai Warrior: The Golden Age of Japan’s Elite Second in Line Warriors, 1560-1615 Second to None B Hubbard Describes A Photographic the unification under History of the 2nd Air Division R Mackay the Tokugawa bakufu, The title of this book the major battles of the era, the weapons and succinctly sums up the importance of the armour used, the social structure of Japanese Division’s presence society, myths about within the 8th Air the samurai, and fiForce structure and nally their decline. the part it played. HB 224pp £19.99 HB 312pp £41.50

Images from the Arsenal of Democracy C Hyde Tiger!: The de This book spans from Havilland DH.82 Tiger Moth S McKay 1940 until the end of the war, presenting Comprehensive, up-close, rarely seen lavishly illustrated, this book is a history views of newly built of the Tiger Moth from plants and repurposed its beginnings through production lines, a staggering variety of to its use as a wing walker platform. With war products and 500 black and white/ components and the workers behind it all. colour illustrations. HB 295pp £31.95 HB 413pp £29.95

The Design and Development of the Hawker Hunter : The Finnish Fighter Creation of Britain’s Colours 1939-1945 K Stenman This book Iconic Jet Fighter take an in-depth look T Buttler Devoted at the Finnish Fighter specifically to the deaircraft deployed dur- sign and development of the Hawker Hunter ing WWII. Looks at and covers how and camouflage and markings schemes of why the aircraft came fighters obtained from into being, and the France, USA, Germany, troubles it experienced on the way. UK and the USSR. SB 168pp £20.00 HB 208pp £35.00

Seaplanes of Bocche. The Story of Austro-Hungarian Naval Aviation in Southern Adriatic 1913-1918 B Ciglic Lavishly illustrated, tells the story of Bocche di Cattaro, the most important Mediterranean base of the Central Powers. SB 144pp £24.99

Queen of the Skies The Lockheed Constellation C Luisada The story of this remarkable airplane and the people who made the Constellation great including aviation legends like Howard Hughes and Clarence Kelly Johnson. HB 416pp £37.50

Airframe & Miniatures 7 The Focke-Wulf Fw 190 Radial-engine Versions (including Fw 190A, B, C, F, G & S) - A Complete Guide To The Luftwaffeís Butcher Bird R Franks Detailed guide. SB 192pp £18.95

Billy Bishop Lone Wolf Hunter: The RAF Ace ReExamined P Kilduff Hailed as the British Empire’s highest-scoring WWI fighter ace, the author sheds new light on Bishop’s missions and combats that are steeped in controversy. HB 192pp £20.00

British and Commonwealth Warship Camouflage Images of War Haynes Owners Kent’s Own : The Soldiers with of WWII Destroyers, Great War Fighter Workshop Manual Story of No. 500 Spanners: The Aces 1914-1916 RAF Tornado 1974 (County of Kent) Ground Crews’ View Frigates, Sloops, During the Second Escorts, Minesweepers, N Franks Images of onwards (all marks Squadron Royal some of the greatest and models) I Black Auxiliary Air Force World War P Bodle Submarines, Coastal Insight into owning, R Brooks The story of Tells the story in pic- Forces and fighter aces to see Auxiliaries M Wright action during the first flying and maintaining 500 Squadron formed tures of the USAAFs in 1930 at Manston in 2nd Air Division during Depicts in detail the half of the First World the air defence and War. The author pro- strike versions of the Kent which fell victim WWII, the majority of official and unofficial to defence cuts in which were taken by ship paint schemes of files some of the most swing-wing jet. Colour/B&W photos. 1957. B&W photos. the men themselves. the Royal Navy. well known aces. HB 144pp £30.00 HB 160pp £19.99 SB 160pp £14.99 SB 142pp £16.99 SB 148pp £14.99

AirDoc Aircraft of the Modern German Armed Forces BAe/EADS Eurofighter A Zeitler 10 years in Luftwaffe Service. This publications covers all aspects of the type’s introduction to Luftwaffe service. SB 64pp £14.99

Wing Masters 102 Sept/Oct 2014 French Text. 1:32 Nieuport 17; 1:72 F-16C Viper; 1:48 BF 109G-6; 1:32 T-6G plus much more. SB 82pp £6.99

Windsock World War Centenary 30/3 Reader’s gallery; Logbook entries; WNW Hawa Build Notes; WNW DFW C.V; 1913 DUKS and much more. SB 32pp £7.70

Avions Hors-Serie 37 La Guerre du Kippour Les Combats Aeriens FRENCH TEXT. History of the Yom Kippur War. Lavishly illustrated. SB 110pp £15.50

Luftwaffe Im Focus Edition 23 Scenery: Hit in the Cockpit! (JG 26 Colour Photos of a Seldom-Seen Kampfgeschwader (I./KG 28) and more. SB 50pp £17.99

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Windsock Datafile 165 The RAF BE2E at War P Hare Revised and updated, this Datafile takes a new look at the BE2e and its derivatives. SB 32pp £11.90

1941 the Second World War in the Air in Photographs L Archard Year by year series covering 1941, set out month by month. B&W/colour photos. SB 128pp £15.99

Howard Hughes and the Spruce Goose The Story of the HK1 Hercules G Simons Looks at the production process of the HK-1 Hercules. HB 255pp £19.99

ACES 122 Spitfire Aces of Northwest Europe 1944-45 A Thomas Story of elite Spitfire pilots during the crescendo of the European air war. SB 96pp £13.99


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LSA Models 151 Sackville Road Hove, East Sussex BN3 3HD Tel: 01273 705420 [email protected] Monday to Saturday Wednesday & Sunday Bank Holidays

9:30 - 5:30 Closed Closed

Postage charges (within UK) Lge Letter Small Parcel 1kg Small Parcel 2kg Med Parcel 1kg Courier up to 25Kg

£1.50 £3.50 £7.00 £6.50 £8.00

EDUARD NOV RELEASES BRASSIN 624001 Typhoon wheels 1/24 635003 Bren Mk.I 1/35 648138 F-4B exhaust nozzles 1/48 648139 F-4B ejection seats late 1/48 648166 SSW D.III engine 1/48 648167 AGM-78 Standard ARM 1/48 648177 SSW D.III guns 1/48 648185 MiG-21PFM interior – grey 1/48 672041 AGM-12B Bullpup A 1/72 672053 German Submarine 10,5cm gun1/72 LEPTY / PE-SETS 32820 F-104C electronic equipment 1/32 32822 F-104C gun bay 1/32 32823 F-104A int S.A. 1/32 36285 Achzarit basket 1/35 36286 Achzarit TOGA armour 1/35 36289 M4A1 Deep Wading Kit 1/35 48822 Spitfire Mk.V landing flaps 1/48 48824 Typhoon Ib Bubble landing flaps1/48 49684 Typhoon Ib Bubbletop int S.A. 1/48 49695 Spitfire Mk.Vb int S.A. 1/48 49070 SSW D.III seatbelts FABRIC 1/48 72587 C-47 ext 1/72 72589 Blenheim Mk.I ext 1/72 72590 C-47 surface panels 1/72 72591 Blenheim Mk.I landing flaps 1/72 72592 Blenheim Mk.I bomb bay 1/72 73507 F-35A S.A. 1/72 73512 Blenheim Mk.I int S.A. 1/72

73515 Air


£6.95 £4.75 £15.95 £9.25 £9.25 £6.50 £4.75 £15.95 £6.50 £9.25

Ita Ita Ita Meng Meng Edu Air Ita/Has Ita/Has Air Edu Air Air Air Air Air Has Air

£11.50 £9.25 £15.00 £11.50 £15.00 £15.95 £9.25 £10.50 £12.50 £12.50 £6.50 £15.00 £9.25 £11.50 £10.50 £9.25 £6.95 £6.95

Aca Aca Edu Edu Edu

F4U-1A S.A.

1/72 Rev £10.50

ZOOMY / ZOOMS 33142 F-104A int S.A. FE684 Typhoon Ib Bubbletop int S.A. FE695 Spitfire Mk.Vb int S.A. SS515 F4U-1A S.A. SS520 La-7 W/end

1/32 Ita £11.50 1/48 Ita/Has £6.95 1/48 Air £6.95 1/72 Rev £6.95 1/72 Edu £6.50

MASKY / MASKS CX402 F4U-1A CX403 Stirling Mk.IV CX404 S-199...

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