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Blackburn Beverley MikroMir Kit in 1/144 Westland Dragonfly HR.3 Whirlybird’s 1/72 Vacform Grumman F - pdf za darmo

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First and Best for Reference and Scale June 2017 • £4.75 Volume 39 • Issue 04


Last Fights in the Pacific Special Hobby’s kit Revisited

Brough’s Big Bruiser Blackburn Beverley MikroMir Kit in 1/144

Early Bird

Westland Dragonfly HR.3 Whirlybird’s 1/72 Vacform

Korean Cat

Grumman F9F-2 Panther Fisher Model in 1/32

Military & Civil Aviation – Military Weapons & Equipment – Naval Vessels

British Airways Engineering an Airline P Jarvis Covers the history of British Airways EngiMilitary Aircraft Civil Aircraft neering, from the earMarkings 2017 Markings 2017 H Curtis This annual A Wright This annual liest development of commercial civil aviaedition lists in alpha- edition is the most betical and numerical complete listing of all tion engineering in the early 1920s up to the order UK military aircraft currently on aircraft which are nor- the UK Register of Civil present day. It is a story mally based, or might Aircraft – over 22,000 of technical skill, exbe seen, in the UK. entries. Colour photos. pertise and ingenuity. SB 160pp £18.99 SB 304pp £11.95 SB 448pp £11.95

Spotlight On Mcdonnell Douglas F-4E/EJ/F/G/RF-4E Phantom II Striking Colour Schemes J Vieira Presents detailed illustrations of the F-4 with 40 colour plan and profile views. HB 48pp £19.00

The Modern SLUF Guide. The A-7 Corsair II Exposed J Melampy F-4 Phantom Crew Let the Zeppelins Dutch Profile Meteor This Modern SLUF Chief S Lassiter Come D Marks F.Mk.4 Royal Guide features hunOffers a unique perDrawing on a unique Netherlands AF dreds of close-up and spective of the Vietnam collection of postcards N Geldhof Dutch/Eng- walkaround photos of lish text. This book air war from a young and other period every imaginable part looks at the history F-4 Crew Chief’s diffi- memorabilia, the of the A-7. It covers cult slant. He describes author tells the story of and use of the Gloster the cockpits, radar, his work and life in the Zeppelin raids dur- Meteor F.Mk.4 in the landing gear, engine, northeast Thailand. ing the First World War. RNAF. Colour profiles. ordnance and more. SB 30pp £15.50 SB 200pp £37.40 SB 96pp £14.99 SB 184pp £39.00

Modern Air and Space Defence Weapons and EW Systems of Russia* A Isaikin This mammoth reference book contains hundreds of colour photos covering major types of air Defence missiles systems and complexes, radars, electronic warfare assets, training targets and auxiliary equipment. *p&p surcharge. HB 560pp £120.00

Encyclopedia of Armour Modelling Techniques Volume 3 Camouflages M Jiminez Modellers will learn everything they need to about painting different types of camouflage. From the easiest process for the modelling beginner to advanced techniques. SB 147pp £28.99

Encyclopedia of Aicraft Modelling Techniques F-16 Aggressor D Quijano Step by step guide to building a 1:48 scale F-16 Block 30 Aggressor. Covers assembly, painting, weathering and finishing steps. Using the same techniques explained in the Encyclopedia series. SB 45pp £5.99

The Imperial German Navy of World War I, Vol. 1 Warships: A Comprehensive Photographic Study of the Kaiser’s Naval Forces J Judge First volume of a series offering a broad view of the Kaiser’s naval forces through 600 black and white photos. HB 312pp £66.99

Twin Cessna The Cessna 300 And 400 Series Of Light Twins R Smith This book reviews the type’s origins, competitors and development of the Cessna 310 including the many variants produced. Detail includes comments on ownership and operation. HB 144pp £35.00

SR-71 Flight Manual The Official Pilot’s Handbook Declassified and Expanded with Commentary R Graham This is a reproduction of the 1000 pages of the official YSAF SR-71A Flight Manual. With 600 colour & 60 black and white photos. SB 1040pp £60.00

Air Battle of Malta Aircraft Losses and Crash Sites, 1940 1942 An Rogers Documents all known aircraft crashes that occurred in and around Malta and Gozo during 1940–42, describing in detail the circumstances of each loss and what became of the pilot or crew. HB 256pp £25.00

Gator On The Rise Kamov’s Hokum Attack Helicopter Story 1977-2015 A Mladenov The Kamov Ka-50 was developed as a newgeneration heavilyarmoured attack helicopter. This book details the service of the Ka 50 with 230 colour/B&W photos. SB 144pp £29.99

Armor Photo History 5 British Cruiser Tanks A9 & A10 P Brown Comprehensive history, development and operational use of the A9 and A10 British Cruiser Tanks. Illustrated with archive photos, colour profiles and line drawings. SB 88pp £25.99

Middle East at War No.8 Wings Over Sinai : The Egyptian Air Force During the Sinai War, 1956 Air Vice Marshal G Ali This is the first account about Egyptian military operations during the Suez War of 1956. 120 B&W photos. SB 112pp £19.95

More Testing Times Test Flying in the 1980s and ‘90s M Brook The author continues with more stories of test flying during the 1980s and ‘90s a time when his career changed to see him take control of flying at Farnborough. SB 288pp £14.99

The Desert Air Force in World War II : Air Power in the Western Desert, 1940-1942 K Delve This is a comprehensive reference of the structure, operation, aircraft and men of the 1st Tactical Air Force, formed in North Africa. HB 224pp £25.00

On Display Under the Red Star Vol.4 B Lustig This volume covers a range of WWII Soviet subjects from trucks to heavy tanks. Includes KV-1S; GAZ-AA; SU-76; IS-2; SU-100; OT-34; T-70; and the BT-7. 100s of colour photos. SB 96pp £19.99

Haynes Owners Workshop Manual Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II 1972 to date (all marks) S Davies An insight into the design, operation and maintenance of the Hog. Colour/B&W photos and cutaways. HB 192pp £25.00

The West Country’s Last Line of Defence A Powell-Thomas As Hitler’s Germany spread her wings across Europe in the late 1930’s, nations across the continent began preparing their own defences. 80 photos. SB 96pp £14.99

Mushroom Yellow Series SAAB 29 Flygande Tunnan Mi Forslund Study of the Saab 29, The flying barrel, Sweden’s second turbojet-powered combat aircraft. 350 colour photos, 19 colour profiles and 30 scale plans. SB 192pp £15.00

WM434 Manewry wolynskie Lotnictwo J Ledwoch Illustrated monograph covering the Volhynian Manoeuvres, the massive Polish army exercise. SB 50pp £16.99

LOS! 31 Le Magazine de La Guerre Navale Trois frères Les HMS Courageaous, Glorious & Furious FRENCH TEXT. Lavishly illustrated. SB 82pp £6.99

The British Pacific Fleet The Royal Navy’s Most Powerful Strike Force D Hobbs Deatiled study of the British Pacific Fleet. SB 462pp £16.99

Sci-fi and Fantasy Modeller 45 M Reccia Eleven-foot NCC-1701 refurbishment conclusion; Gotham:1888 props, miniatures and much more. SB 98pp £14.95

Wing Masters 116 Mars/Avril 2017 FRENCH TEXT. This issue includes J-20F Tunnan; 1:48 Sikorsky HSS-1N; 1:32 Nieuport 17 and more. SB 82pp £7.50

The Weathering Magazine 19 Pigments Focuses on the vast array of different approaches to applying pigments. SB 62pp £8.99

Aero Journal 58 Sturmflieger a l’assaut des Fortresses FRENCH TEXT. Well illustrated with archive photos and profiles. SB 82pp £6.90

The Weathering Aircraft 5 Metallics J Mira This issue looks at a how to create realistic metallic finishes and weathering techniques. SB 64pp £8.99

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Modelling the Martlet By Rick Greenwood

other mould flaws and the engraved detail was consistent. The changes in cowl, engine, exhaust and nose are provided on a small additional sprue. A number of build options are provided by Airfix such as folded or extended wings, open or closed canopy, positional flight controls and an in flight option with retracted undercarriage.

Kit No: 02074 Scale: 1/72 Type: Injection Moulded Plastic Manufacturer: Airfix


ollowing on from the 2015 release of their F4F-4 Wildcat, Airfix have now given the modeller the opportunity to add the Fleet Air Arm Martlet IV to their display cabinet with this updated tooling. The parts are moulded in the older pale blue/grey plastic and for me this was a welcome sight as the last two builds of Airfix products have been in the newer darker coloured plastic and featured sink marks and ejector pin circles on most of the major components. There was no sign of any flash or

The instruction booklet is unchanged in its appearance using C.A.D. diagrams covering the forty seven assembly stages. Colour call outs are provided along the way with reference to Humbrol paint numbers only. The painting and marking guide for the two options are printed in colour at the rear of the instruction booklet. Names are given to the paints as well as the Humbrol numbers to assist in cross-referencing to other brands of paint. Decals are again printed by Cartograf and have a satin sheen to them. The sheet contains the markings for two airframes and basic stencil data is included along with the logos for the propeller blades. The two options are: • Grumman Martlet IV Operation Torch 888 Naval Air Squadron Fleet Air Arm HMS Formidable November 1942

4 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

• Another Operation Torch 888 Naval Air Squadron Fleet Air Arm HMS Formidable November 1942, featuring American style stars in place of the roundels Both airframes are painted in a disruptive camouflage scheme of Dark Slate Grey and Extra Dark Sea Grey over Sky. Construction commenc...

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