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First and Best for Reference and Scale July 2017 • £4.75 Volume 39 • Issue 05


IBG’s New Karaś

Leading the Blind

Scaling Down Global Hawk Miniwing’s New Tool in 1/144

Naval Gazing

Golen Age Counterfactuals P.1121 and P.177N in 1/72

Operation Pedestal Part Four Ju 88A-4 Zvezda’s Kit in 1/72

Military & Civil Aviation – Military Weapons & Equipment – Naval Vessels

Raptors All F-15 & F16 Aerial Combat Victories D McCarthy Detailed historical photographic survey of all individual Israeli and American F-15 and F-16 aerial combat victories. HB 192pp £42.99

Allied Fighters WW2 Aircraft Designs by Claes Sundin Offering a host of different colour schemes and detailed notes this bookazine contains more than 200 highly detailed colour profiles. SB 130pp £7.99

Air War Archive. The Experimental Units of Hitler’s Condor Legion : German Aircraft in Action During the Spanish Civil War L Franco Examines the history of the men and machines. SB 93pp £14.99

Hurricane Hawker’s Fighter Legend T Holmes Reveals the Hurricane in all its glory from fascinating first-hand accounts from the men who flew her with truly breathtaking images. HB 256pp £30.00

Messerschmitt Bf 109 E R Peczkowski Illustrated story of the eveolution of the Emil version of Germany’s most famous WWII Fighter aircraft. Colour/B&W photos. HB 144pp £19.00

CHIG Sky Pilot to the Glider Pilots of Arnhem M Vockins Story of a choir boy who became a country parson and took part in Operation ‘Market Garden’ as Glider Pilot Regiment Chaplain. HB 192pp £25.00

Pacific War How the United States Fought Back J Harrison Commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Midway, this volume looks in detail at the defining naval engagement. SB 130pp £6.99

Airframe Extra No.7 The Suez Crisis Empire’s End R Franks Covers the background prior to the conflict and aerial operations by all sides until the ceasefire on 7th November 1956. SB 82pp £9.95

X Planes 3 North American X-15 P Davies Explains the technology behind the world’s most important prototype and research aircraft, their often dangerous flight-test careers and how their successes and failures influenced frontline aircraft development. Profiles, B&W photos. SB 80pp £12.99

L’attaque silencieuse La capture des ponts belges de Veldwezelt, Vroenhoven et Kanne par les paras allemands, le 10 mai 1940 O Gonzalez FRENCH TEXT. Lavishly illustrated. This book focuses on the planning, capture and defence of the bridges over the Albert Canal. HB 240pp £38.99

Nordic Airpower 8 Saab 29 Tunnan The Ultimate Portfolio J Jorgensen Contains more than 500 high quality photos of the Tunnan in service with the air arms of Sweden and Austria. With text covering technical and operational history, brief unit histories including unit badges. HB 200pp £44.00

Douglas XB-19 An Illustrated History of America’s WouldBe Intercontinental Bomber W Wolf Looks at this enigmatic bomber, a Flying Laboratory that was the precursor to Americas first intercontinental bomber, the Continental B-36 Peacemaker. HB 128pp £42.99

Junkers Military Aircraft of World War Two M Chambers Drawing on a multitude of photographs, diagrams and US government reports this book reveals the history of this innovative aviation company and its many key aircraft that played a vital role in the war. 222 Black and white photos. HB 176pp £25.00

The Luftwaffe in Colour From Glory to Defeat 1942-1945 C Cony Nearly 400 colour photographs reveal fascinating detail on the planes and the men of the Luftwaffe, as they progressed from seeming invincibility to utter defeat. 400 rare colour photos. SB 160pp £19.99

Dornier Do 215 Luftwaffe and Other Operators 1938-1945 M Olrog This new book describes the Do 215’s operations with the Luftwaffe’s secretive Aufklärungsgruppe Ob.d.L., in wartime operations in the West and in civil disguise in preparation for Operation Barbarossa. HB 272pp £50.00

Combat Aircraft 120 Ju 52/3m Bomber and Transport R Forsyth The all-metal Junkers Ju 52/3m enjoyed a solid reputation amongst its crews and the troops and paratroopers who used and depended on it. This book details its service as a bomber and transport. SB 96pp £13.99

The Air Staff and the Helicopter British Military Helicopter Projects C Gibson Lavishly illustrated, this book examines the origins of the Flying 6 tonner; The Household Air Cavalry; FILTH; Rotodyne Zulu and more. SB 48pp £12.99

Tiran Wrecks TWR-1 Tiran 4/5/6 Wrecks in the IDF - Part 1 M Mass A new series which looks at tank wrecks of the IDF. As they finished their service, tank wrecks were brought to the army base where they rusted away. Colour. SB 80pp £26.99

Sea Vixen XP924 The World’s only From Jet Provost to Best Foot Forward MDF Scaled Down 6 Canberra Boys SMI Library 19013 Airworthy Sea vixen Strikemaster: A The Autobiography The Blackburn Fascinating B-25J Mitchell in L Gaylard A brief hisDefinitive History of Of The RAF’s Other Buccaneer Royal Accounts from the Combat over Pacific tory of the Sea Vixen the Basic and Legless Fighter Pilot Navy, RAF & South Operators of an & CBI M Katarzynski since entering service Counter-Insurgent AFrican Air Force English Electric Reference album doc- in 1959, this book is C Hodgkinson Only Aircraft at Home S.Mk1, S.Mk 2 & Classic A Brookes umenting the use of two men succeeded devoted to the history and Overseas S.Mk 50 A Evans as WWII operational A detailed and fasci- B-25J in combat over of bringing Sea Vixen the Pacific and China XP924 back to airworD Watkins Complete fighter pilots in the History of the nating history of an Burma India theatres thy condition and the history of the HuntRAF after losing both Buccaneer covering outstanding aircraft ing/BAC Jet Provost legs. This is the story operators, colour alongside illuminating of war. Contains well team maintaining her. captioned photos. and Strikemaster. of Colin Hodgkinson. schemes and more. anecdotes. Also available as SB. HB 224pp £20.00 HB 223pp £19.99 SB 96pp £14.99 HB 208pp £20.00 SB 108pp £15.99 HB 100pp £22.99

Wing Masters 117 Mai/Juin 2017 FRENCH TEXT. This issue: Spitfire Mk.VIII; 1:72 Ki-67 Hiryu Peggy; 1:32 Me 163 B Komet and more. SB 82pp £7.50

The Aviation Historian Issue 19 The Pacific Express, the Fleet Air Arms 1945 Far East Ferry Route; Flying the 748 plus much more. SB 130pp £13.50

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SS10249 UH-1 Huey in action D Doyle Chronicles the use of 15 different versions Batailles Aeriennes 80 Damaged Library of Armed Berlin Blockade Warship 2017 39th of the Huey from its Le Blitz La Luftwaffe Weathered & Worn Conflicts 1 Air Soviet Chokehold volume J Jordan prototype through the sur les Iles BritModels Magazine Combat During and the Great Allied Contains a diverse current use of the anniques 1er Partie New publication which Arab-Israeli Wars Airlift 1948-1949 range of articles deUH-1Y Venom, a verFRENCH TEXT. First looks at weathered J Marszalkiewicz G Tonder Details all voted to the design, and satile helicopter in the part from 1st January and worn effects in a Air combat during the aspects of the Berlin service history of the global war on terror. to 31st March 1941. variety of models. Israeli-Arab wars. Blockade and Airlift. world’s combat ships. Colour/B&W photos. SB 104pp £16.99 SB 128pp £14.99 HB 208pp £40.00 SB 98pp £12.50 SB 74pp £4.75 SB 80pp £14.99


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NEWS BY SORGE and covers construction in nineteen stages. Pictorial diagrams guide the modeller through the build with colour call outs provided in Gunze Sangyo Mr Colour references only so some cross matching will be required for other paint brands. Paint and decal placement guides are placed in the centre of the instruction booklet and cover six different machines in a variety of camouflage markings plus a guide for all the ordnance. The plastic kit parts are housed on nine runners and feature crisply moulded details with fine recessed panel lines in a pale grey styrene. A smaller clear sprue contains the canopy that can be posed open. Detailing is good throughout but the ejection seat caught my eye. This is made up from a number parts and from the illustrations looks good. A plastic version of the engine is included and the modeller can pose the rear section of the fuselage open at the maintenance break to show the innards to good effect.

plastic, a clear sprue and highly detailed set of photo etch. The photo etch covers what looks like a completely new cockpit to previous versions and obviously depicts the FUG radar equipment, the upward firing guns and the rest of that emerging technology the Luftwaffe crammed into these late aircraft. Four decal options are included, three aircraft carrying the distinctive FUG array on the nose and one without. These aircraft also have versions of the large flame-dampeners fitted to their exhausts and should look really striking when built. This looks like the perfect release for anyone with a passion for Luftwaffe aircraft and I can’t wait to get the thing started!

The leading edge slats and rear flaps can be shown deployed on each wing but before committing to glue it would be worth checking the position of the wing sweep from reference photos if posing them deployed on the ground for a parked aircraft. The real highlight must be the mass of weapons provided in the kit. These cover no less than four of the main sprues and feature a multitude of weapons. Having a quick...

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